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“The Collie is the most beautiful and most noble of all the breeds and THEY DESERVE ONLY THE BEST!”

and scent work,) this is a great way to demonstrate teamwork between owner and dog. The AKC has recently intro- duced new levels of classes and a new advanced title of Obedience Master, which offers something for every com- petitor. Obedience skills build a use- ful foundation for other performance sports such as agility. Rally Obedience is a wonderful way to start a dog in obedience. In rally you follow a series of signs depicting exercises that make up a course. Th e exercises are all obedience related. It’s a fun way to learn obedience in a less stressful atmosphere. And the fi rst level is all on leash! Tracking Even if one never becomes involved in the more professional applications of scent work, tracking can be an enjoyable hobby that physically and mentally stimulates both the collie and the handler. Although

tracking requires a certain level of physical fi tness in order to eventually put in a mile or two of walking during a training session, it is a low impact activity that is friendly to joints of “mature” collies and handlers alike. Carting Although the Collie is considered a herding breed, it was historically (and still is) much more. Th e Collie was devel- oped as an all-around farm dog expected to do whatever the farmer and his family required. Th is included not only moving stock, but also hauling produce to market; feed to livestock; wood, milk and supplies to the house; and so forth. Since carting is a natural part of the Collie’s working heritage, it is little wonder many Collies excel at it. Is This The Collie Breed For You? You should do your homework before purchasing a Collie by reading up on the breed, visiting with various breed-

ers, and most importantly, by seeing the dogs. Th is can either be done at dog shows, performance events or by visiting a breeder’s home or kennel. People who love Collies for all the reasons the breed is famous for, usually do so for life! Th e Collie is the most beautiful and most noble of all the breeds and they deserve only the best! Additional Information Visit for additional information. Th e Collie Club of America is the national Collie club. It has been in exis- tence for 120 years, and is there to pro- tect and promote the breed, with mem- bers in every state. Members are bound by a code of ethics and should be your fi rst point of contact if you are consider- ing adding a Collie to your home. Most states have a representative that is an excellent source of fi rst contact to add a Collie to your household.

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