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By Gayle Kaye Co-Chair of the Collie Club of America Judge’s Education Committee

ones immediately grab your attention as having correct Collie proportions? Th e Collie should present an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole. Th e Collie is not a square dog, but should be a trifle long in propor- tion to the height. From this first glimpse you can also find the ones that appear ele- gant, lithe, responsive and active. t *T UIF mSTU JNQSFTTJPO POF PG B QSPVE  impressive dog carrying no useless timber? t %PFT UIF IFBE QSPmMF TIPX MJHIUOFTT and cleanness with parallel planes, without hint of depth? t *TUIFOFDLGBJSMZMPOHXJUIBTMJHIUBSDI at the nape, contributing to the proud, upstanding appearance? t %PFT UIF UPQMJOF PG UIF CPEZ BQQFBS level with a slight rise over the loin? t "SFUIFFMCPXTTFUXFMMVOEFSUIFCPEZ with the head well forward of the with- ers and well above the level of the back? t %PFTUIFDIFTUFYUFOEUPUIFFMCPX t %PUIFIJOERVBSUFSTQMBDFUIFSFBSGFFU just behind an imaginary line dropped from the pin bone to the ground, and EPFT UIF EPH FYIJCJU XFMMCFOU TUJnFT and well-let down rear pasterns? t *TUIFDSPVQXFMMSPVOEFEBOEEPFTJUDPO - tinue the graceful curves of the outline? t *TUIFUBJMPGBQMFBTJOHMFOHUI UIFCPOF reaching to the hock joint or below) to complete the picture and carried prop- erly below the back? t *O4NPPUIT EPFTUIFDPBUBQQFBSTIPSU  hard and flat, allowing a clear view of the natural outline? t *O3PVHIT EPFTUIFDPBU XIJDIJTUIF crowning glory, appear abundant, straight and harsh and is it well-fitted, enhancing the beauty of the overall picture? A walk down the line is now in order BT ZPV BTTFTT UIF RVBMJUJFT PG i&YQSFT - TJPOw &YQSFTTJPO JT POF PG UIF NPTU important points in considering the rela-

tive value of Collies and is difficult to define in words. Key words are sweet, bright, alert, intelligent and quizzical. Once you have seen correct and beau- UJGVM FYQSFTTJPO ZPV XJMM OFWFS GPSHFU JU and those dogs that come closest to the best optical illustration will certainly stand out from the others. t "SF UIF FZFT TFU PCMJRVFMZ JOUP B XFMM chiseled foreface? t *T UIF FZF EBSL  BMNPOE TIBQFE BOE of medium size, not round, light and prominent or small, hard and beady? t "SFUIFFBSTESBXOXFMMVQPOUIFTLVMM with a fourth tipping forward when the dog is alert? t %PFTUIFDPNCJOBUJPOPGUIFTFDIBSBDUFS - istics along with a well-rounded muzzle, a clean, flat skull and correct ears create BDMFBS CSJHIUBQQFBSBODFBOEBOFYQSFT - sion of “intelligent inquisitiveness”? /FYU UBLFUIFEPHTBSPVOEUIFSJOH Side gait is the true test of the balance and fit of the individual parts. t %PFTUIF$PMMJFNPWFBTBVOJU OPUEJT - solving into a mass of unrelated pieces? t 8IFOWJFXFEGSPNUIFTJEF JTUIFSFB - sonably long, “reaching” stride smooth and even? t "TUIFEPHDPWFSTHSPVOE EPFTIFEPTP in an e ff ortless manner, showing speed and endurance? t %PFTUIFUPQMJOFSFNBJOMFWFM UIFUBJM carried confidently but not curled over the back? t %PUIFGPVSMFHTNPWFJODPSSFDUUFN - po, carrying the Collie over the ground with grace and e ffi ciency? t %PUIFGSPOUMFHTFYUFOEGSFFMZXJUIOP FYUSBMJGUPSMBCPSJOHBDUJPO t *O DPNJOH BOE HPJOH  BT UIF TQFFE increases, does the dog single track front and rear? Hopefully, the dog has been taught to move on a loose lead at a moderate speed (faster is not better) to display his

I n order to develop a clear men- tal picture of correct Collie type, an in-depth study of the Standard is important, fol- lowed by attendance at breed specific seminars, and observa- tion of Collie judging in quality entries (such as the National Specialty or local specialties). Knowing and understanding the Standard is essential so that knowl- edge can be applied when judging instead of selection that is based upon personal whims. Also interaction with qualified, articulate mentors is crucial to learning. Finding a mentor will not only help bring you closer to establishing a clear mental image of ideal type, but it will also help you to gain an appreciation of those important hard to get virtues that are treasured by long time breeders. “Type” is what makes a particular dog look like a Collie. Correct Collie type should be apparent as the dogs first enter the ring. Your first impression will be the silhouette from across the ring as the dogs are “showing” for their handlers. Which

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