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SALLY FUTH I started like most breeders with a pet, and was bitten by the dog show and breeding bug. My husband, Bob, also began as a teenager and acquired his foundation from Trudy and Jim Mangels of Brandwyne. Our current house dogs are 20 and 22 generations descended from Meg and Folly! We’ve both served as president of the parent club and also judged the national specialty. I judge some working breeds and the Herding group. ROXANN HEIT I live in South Central Kansas and I am employed full time as an HR Manager and I enjoy visiting our grandchildren. I have 27 years in dogs; 25 in showing and six in judging. Timeless Collies began in 1989 and in limited breeding has produced 50 plus Champions to date. My spouse, Dale and I began with a lot of luck and correct type while learning what was correct in our breed from previous successful mentors. We have always shown our own Collies and handled Collies for other breeders for about ten years prior to obtaining my judges license. I love judging and having the opportunity to see the many families and what they produce. Judges have a responsibility to the breeds they judge. Selection on the day for those awarded will go onto influence the breed. As a breeder, mentoring is just as important as judging. As long as I am able I will continue to breed by selection, judge with responsible integrity and mentor to teach and inspire. GAYLE KAYE I live on three acres in a very rural area of Northern San Diego County. My life is very involved with the dogs. Between caring for the dogs, breeding, showing, writing and club work, there is little time for other outside activities. I am an award-winning author of two books on the Collie and have written hundreds of articles over the years. I am currently first Vice President of the Collie Club of America and on the Collie Health Foundation Board. I have been breeding and showing Rough Collies since 1970 using the Chelsea prefix. I have been judging since 2004. In 2013 I was given the honor of judging Best of Breed at our National Specialty. MARTHA RAMER I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life. I worked in the Brokerage Business until I retired. I bought my first show Collie in 1971. I began judging in 2005.

I had Collies as a farm boy in Minnesota. I applied for my judging license as a teenager but AKC tersely replied that I had to wait until I was of legal age! So I waited until my 20s. I’ve had the opportunity to judge throughout the US, Japan, Australia and Canada including their National Specialty. I have judged the Collie Nationals four times. Golf, classical music and bridge occupy much of my time since retiring from a busy dermatology practice in Santa Barbara, California. LESLIE CANAVAN I am presently retired and reside in Port Jefferson, New York. My time is spent with the three Collies that I still have and with family, I am still President of the Collie Club of Long Island and do some judging. I am also Director at Large for our National Club and have served both these clubs in almost all capacities. I started in Collies in the mid 50s after I got out of service. After discharge, I returned to Long Island, where while trying to find a proper stud for my bitch, I met Verna Allen of Royal Rock Kennels. I had lost my boarding room and Verna offered a temporary stay on her couch. I am still here and am now a family member. We did not share ownership on any of our Collies for probably five years, after all it was a temporary arrangement. I must admit that without Verna’s urging and encouragement, I would never have accomplished as much as I have in dogs. I became a professional handler in 1964 and later a PHA member. Over the years I finished some 39 Collie Champions, along with many Norwich Terriers. I started judging in the late 80s when Professional handlers were permitted to judge. Then retired from handling and got my judges license in 1986. Since then I have judged all over the country and have judged the Collie Club National three times. TOM COEN My wife, Nioma, and I live in the town of Alford, Mas- sachusetts. We have a small antiques business, are avid col- lectors, and I enjoy painting and being the caretaker for our 14 acres. I have been in dogs for over five decades, breeding Shelties under the Macdega prefix. I grew up on Long Island and was fortunate that my early mentors were renowned Col- lie breeders. I judged my first Collie Specialty match at age 17.


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