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COLLIES: A Survey on the Breed


ROXANN HEIT We began exhibiting in 1989 under the direction of my sister, Tracey William’s of Fairview Collies. We were quite lucky to begin with very sound Collies going back to the Highcroft family. Our first Collies were based on Twin Creeks and Parader families. After a few years, we meet Ron and Marcia Keller of Marnus Collies after breeding one of our girls to Piper, Ch. Marnus Golden Ruler. They took us in and became our mentors in the breed and after many years Marcia urged me to pursue judging. We have produced a family of nota- ble Collies and a number of them have won at the Collie Club of America National and at Westminster. We are mem- bers of three Collie Clubs as well as the National Collie Club of America and a local all-breed club. We are located in cen- tral Kansas and outside of Collies, my profession is an HR/ Payroll Manager at a small aircraft instrument manufacturer. SHELLEY HENNESSY I got my first Collie in 1983, a blue Merle rough bitch, of Briarhill breeding, Chaparral Maelen Blue. I had Afghan Hounds since 1971 and also got my first Whippet a few months after Maelen. While I never did finish her Champion- ship, Maelen won several points and earned her CDX. I also co-owned a couple of tri smooth champions, and co-bred two litters with Bomar Collies. My kennel name is Chaparral (after the TV western The High Chaparral ). While I no longer have Afghans or Collies, I still have Whippets and have had Chi- nese Cresteds for over 20 years. These were the first 4 breeds that I was approved to judge by the AKC. My very first Col- lie judging assignment was the day after a Specialty in WI, where I had 75+ Collies. I live in Toledo, OH. I am a retired Police Sergeant (Toledo Police). Besides judging and showing dogs, I am a true movie buff, seeing 2-3 movies a week.

I had Collies as a farm boy in Minnesota. I applied for my judg- ing license as a teenager, but AKC tersely replied that I had to wait until I was of legal age! So I waited until my 20s. I’ve had the opportu- nity to judge throughout the US, Japan, Australia and Canada, includ- ing their national specialty. I have judged The Collie nationals four

times. Golf, classical music and bridge occupy much of my time since retiring from a busy dermatology practice in Santa Barbara, CA. SARA “SALLY” FUTH I started like most breeders with a pet, and was bitten by the dog show and breeding bug—as a pre-teenager. Sterling Starberry was a double-granddaughter of Ch. Starmist and my start-over foundation bitch. Bob also began as a teenager and got his foundation from Trudy and Jim Mangels of Brand- wyne. Our current house dogs are 21 and 19 generations respectively descended from Meg and Folly! We’ve both served as president of the parent club and also judged the national specialty. Bob judges mostly work- ing breeds, and I judge some of them and the Herding group. We don’t accept a lot of assignments, as we are busy with our farm and orchard during all but the worst weather months. We also raise TB horses; they compete internationally in horse trials and some race, and we like to go where they are doing that.

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