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8) CH SILVER HO PARADER ALTERS THE COLLIE WORLD Ch. Silver Ho Parader, born January 15, 1943, would set Collie records never before dreamed of, owned by a young, unknown Collie fancier named Steve Field, just beginning his Parader Collies. Every decade or so, there are certain predestined dogs that, because of their genetic domi- nance of desirable characteristics, exert a tremendous and lasting in fl uence on the breed. Silver Ho Parader was one of those dogs. Remarkably, not only did he spear- head the Parader family of dogs, he also set into motion one of the most dominant sire lines in breed history. Th e majority of today's Collies trace to him through his many sons and daughters. 9) SMOOTH COLLIES BREAK THE BARRIER While four smooth collies fi nished their championship in the early 1900s, the vari- ety all but disappeared from the American show scene following that time period. In the late 1930s a group of Rough Collie fan- ciers formed a syndicate and imported two Smooth Collies from England. Th e syndi- cate bred the two together. A male was the only descendant who would a ff ect future smooth development in this country, but it opened the door for others to follow. Flash forward 30 years: the meteoric rise

It is ironic for all of his eventual in fl u- ence; he was the sire of only two Ameri- can champions, neither of which made any impact on the breed. Like other imports before him, he sired in England, sons and daughters to carry on and several of his descendants actually crossed the pond before he did! Almost all of today's cur- rent collie bloodlines converge upon this dog. Not only do most of today's American Collies trace in tail male to this dog, but he played an equally important role in the formation of bitch lines. 7) ARKEN IS THE “QUINTESSENTIAL” AMERICAN KENNEL If Alstead was the beginning of the American Collie, Arken (c.1924) is where it all came together. While most breeders of the era were concentrating on import- ing their latest winners; the Arken owners, Charles and Lillian Wernsman, were busy creating their own successful family of dogs. Starting with Ch. El Troubadour of Arken, they had one of the most important sire lines in the history of the breed and it is a line that remains dominant to this day. At the same time, they had a kennel full of proli fi c bitches, beginning with Ch. Halbury Jean of Arken. Th e in fl uence of the Arken dogs is everywhere behind all of today's collie families!

The noted author and Collie enthusiast, Albert Payson Terhune.

of the Collie. Although he wrote many books, it will always be the dog books for which he will be remembered. His fi rst dog story "His Mate" debuted in the January 1915 issue of Redbook Magazine, followed by the 1919 publication of his fi rst dog book, "Lad, a Dog". His own Collies; Lad, Wolf and Bruce became household names. Not only did his writings put the breed in the limelight, but it jumpstarted Ter- hune's own Collie career which involved years of breeding, showing and judging. Sunnybank Collies became famous the world over and ironically remain in many of today's pedigrees. To this day, hundreds of people still make pilgrimages to “Sun- nybank” in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. It has become the setting for countless Collie functions, the best known of which, “ Th e Gathering” is held every August by the Collie Health Foundation. Th anks to Ter- hune, the breed became universally known and loved! 6) MAGNET IS SIRE SUPREME 1912 marked the birth of Eng. Ch. Magnet, a dog often referred to as the "Sire Supreme". His birth heralded a major turning point in breed development and he proved to be a sire of major propor- tions. Eileen Moretta of Glen Rose Collies imported him to America when he was nine years old, at an age many considered past his prime. Th ough shown in this country, he did not fi nish his AKC championship.

Ch. El Troubadour of Arken’s influential son, Ch. Future of Arken. Sired only 5 champions but two sons were responsible for creating two great sire lines.


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