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in 1963. During those years, Greene actively promoted the Chi- nook as a recreational companion and a cherished part of Ameri- can history. He even sold a Chinook named “Charger” to Boeing Helicopter. Charger became the mascot for Chinook Helicopter Divisions during the Vietnam War. After Greene’s death, the breed was shuffled around until it came to rest at the Sukeforth Kennel in Maine. By the early 1980s, the breed had nearly become extinct. With only 11 breeding dogs remaining, their future was uncertain. It was their rich history and the impressions made on the hearts of children that would save the breed. Children who had grown up loving the Chinook went searching for them as adults, finding these remaining dogs at their most critical moment. Together, these few breeders joined their efforts and created a genetic plan for successful breeding. In 1991, Chinooks entered the UKC registry, and in 2001 the breed began registering with the AKC Foundation Stock Service. In 2004, the Chinook Club of America was created to protect and promote the purebred Chinook as it continued its journey with the AKC. After many years of hard work by a small group of dedicated breeders and owners, the Chinook entered AKC Miscellaneous Class in July 2010. On January 1, 2013, the Chinook achieved full AKC recog- nition and was admitted to the Working Group. Today, the Chinook enjoys quiet comforts in homes across the US and in Europe, once again imprinting on the hearts of children. In 2009, the unexpected honor of being named the State Dog of New Hampshire was brought about by the efforts of New Hamp- shire’s Lurgio Middle School students. With over 1,000 dogs alive today, the Chinook has escaped the grasp of extinction. As it moves into the ranks of a breed recognized by the America Kennel Club, it reclaims its rightful place in American history.

In the AKC show ring, expect the Chinook to retain its unique- ness. A large, tawny sled dog with various ear sets, he may seem out of place among other fancier, fluffier sledding breeds. Though the Chinook’s unexpected appearance and gregariousness may seem unrefined, their intelligence and deep, intuitive senses display a keen potential. The Chinook has successfully claimed a niche in the dog world by finding a balance between pet and working dog. Strongly bonded to their owners, they yearn for companionship. Their bond cultivates a willingness to please and a desire to assist in any activity. Together, Chinook and owner can accomplish almost any task. The Chinook is perfect for an active family that desires to have their dog accompany them on all their adventures. They do not thrive under harsh handling or chronic kenneling, and they are not a protection breed. They need an environment that can help fulfill their drive to connect with their family and their need to be active. The Chinook is ready and willing to join its family hiking, biking, skiing, boating, or sledding. Chinooks have participated in 4-H, Obedience, Agility, Rally, Tracking, Coursing Ability, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Scent Work, and even Herding. Chinooks enjoy Therapy Dog work, visiting with the elderly, sick, and espe- cially with children in classrooms. After a hard day of working, the Chinook is happy to curl up next to you on the couch and peace- fully thump his tail. Chinooks are a wash-and-wear breed. A good brushing once a week, cleaning their teeth, and keeping their nails clipped is all that is required—and a bath when they need it, but not often. They are to be shown completely natural, with no trimming allowed. When you have the privilege of judging a group of Chinooks, you will clearly see the reason this breed is so treasured. They are affectionate to a fault and will demonstrate this to you with their friendly demeanor. They will wag their way around the ring and may try to get in a kiss. Please be prepared for a distinct difference in size between the sexes. Females will be obviously feminine. The sexes should be judged equally, with correct structure being judged more important than size. The Chinook Club of America attends as many AKC Meet the Breeds events as possible. CCA is the booth where children are “hand” holding a Chinook and where Chinook kisses are always available. Please come visit us and learn more about America’s unique and versatile family companion. Visit us on the web at:


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