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By the Chinook Club of America

hinooks are a breed apart. Truly an American dog, they have accomplished much in the 96 years since the birth of the fi rst pup in New Hampshire.

laid close to his body. Most importantly, Chinook’s loving, easy-going disposition made him an ideal companion. Chinook was a “sport” and reproduced himself when bred to other dogs. His unique traits made “Chinook” the obvious choice for the breed’s name. To Chinook owners, however, the his- torical contributions pale in comparison to the characteristic gentle temperament, solid work ethic, and broad versatility that Chinook bestowed on his descendants and distinguishes them from sled dogs and other large breeds, making them uniquely American. His descendants are still tawny with a blocky head and a wash and wear coat that only sheds out once or twice a

year. Like Chinook, his descendants are characterized by service. Today’s Chi- nooks can still be found in harness – but that harness is just as likely to be pulling skis, bicycles and carts, as it is a sled. Other Chinooks carry packs and are as much at home in kayaks as they are on the couch. Chinooks love agility, rally, obedience, vis- iting hospitals and nursing homes as thera- py dogs, or in classrooms as “Tail Waggin’ Tutors” helping children learn to read. As a large breed, regular exercise and training will ensure a healthy Chinook that behaves appropriately. Harsh handling or lack of socialization may create a shy Chinook, but rarely an aggressive one. Chinooks need to be with their owners and don’t do

Th e dam was a Greenland Husky descend- ed from Admiral Peary’s lead-dog Polaris and the sire was a St. Bernard/Masti ff - type dog. Chinook was one of 3 pups. But Chinook was unique and the breed to this day does not share any of the Spitz traits typifying sled dog breeds. Unlike Huskies and Malamutes, Chinook was a large taw- ny dog with down ears and broad, blocky head, weighing 100 pounds. Unlike the bushy coats of Spitz breeds, Chinook’s coat

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