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they were the face of Old Mother Hub- bard Dog Food. From the 1940s into the 60s, they were solely bred by Perry Greene in Waldoboro Maine and it was a Chi- nook named Charger that was obtained as a mascot for the Boeing Helicopters and sent to Vietnam. By the 1980’s, the breed almost died out, but e ff orts by breeders brought the breed back and it now num- bers about 1000 dogs. In 1991, Chinooks entered the UKC registry and in 2001 the breed began seeking AKC recognition. 2009 brought the unexpected honor of being named the state dog of New Hamp- shire, brought about by the e ff orts of New Hampshire’s Lurgio Middle School students. Chinooks entered AKC Miscel- laneous Class in 2010 and the Working Group in 2013. We currently have a few AKC Champions and a Group IV win in the Working Group. For more informa- tion and a list of Mentors and Presenters contact Th e Chinook Club of America: Th e Chinook is unequalled by any oth- er breed in its success as a house pet while still maintaining its versatility as a work- ing dog. Created to be happy both in har- ness and at the hearth, the Chinook has overcome near extinction to once again enjoy the love of so many people around the world. From the South Pole in 1930 to the AKC Working Group in 2013, it has been a long journey for the Chinook… a journey on which the Chinook enthusi- astically embarks with happy barks and wagging tails. For more info contact: Sarah Day, CCA Publicity Director Cell: 925-330-9786

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