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coursing, treiball, dance—you name it. I love being active. I can be your buddy and cuddle with you when you are down or not feeling well. My instincts are very strong because I was bred to work and to be aware of what is going on around me. Sometimes you will think I can read you better than you can yourself. And if you want weather warnings, just watch me closely because I often tune in. Now if you think a Polish Lowland Sheepdog would be the perfect breed for you, and I believe I might be, if you have the time and the will to socialize and train me, it is important that you find a good

cuddly, I require a family who both has the time and is willing to socialize and obe- dience train me. Training is best done in a positive, fair, firm, consistent manner. I don’t belong with someone who has a hard time saying no. Show me how to do things and I will learn quickly, of course this means both the good and the bad. My human family tells people to never let me do what they don’t want me to do as an adult. Left to my own devices I may well become manipulative and demanding, overprotective and even sometimes aggres- sive. I am great with children if they are taught to respect me also, but I need to experience them at a young age. It is my nature to be stando ffi sh with strangers and in new experiences, so the more I experi- ence as a young puppy the better. My sug-

sidered a shedder, my coat will mat and during this time in my life it often seems worse than ever. Sometimes it will seem like I have learned nothing, but it is impor- tant to remember to keep training me and keep your rules in e ff ect. Just like human teen-agers I will try you, and if you want a great adult you will continue to train me. Training never ends as my learning and ability to outsmart you will never end. So once I have grown up there are lots of fun things I can excel in. I need exer- cise daily, and if you will play and/or walk me I will generally be happy. I can adapt to just about any living environment, but keep in mind I am a family member and want to be with my family. Most say that’s you, because you are my herd. I love to do things with you. My favorite thing to do is

breeder. I recommend that you do not get a PON family member from anyone who is not willing to let you visit their home and /or kennel. Meet and spend time with at least one of the parents of your poten- tial puppy. I would ask permission even if you know you can’t really get there. A “no” should be a big red flag. Th ey should be as willing to meet you as you them. Ask lots of questions, even if you think they

“SHOW ME HOW TO DO THINGS AND I WILL LEARN QUICKLY, of course this means both the good and the bad.”

gestion for every new PON puppy human family is they sit down, establish the rules that I will be expected to follow, and every- one adheres to them. I will quickly learn who if there is a weak link. Early adolescents can be a rough time. My coat is double – finer below and coarser above. While it normally requires a thor- ough brushing at least once a week, during my change from my puppy to adult coat can be a trying time. Although not con-

herd because that is what I was bred to do. I will herd you, kids, my toys, it doesn’t matter. If you want me to look pretty in my natural, un-sculpted not trimmed, long coat I can make you proud in con- formation. Th at’s how it’s supposed to be. If you want me to be well mannered and behaved, I can do well in obedience and even make a great therapy dog. I am a great Good Citizen just train me. I can play flyball, do agility, rally, tracking, lure

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