Showsight Presents the Schipperke

One other very serious aspect to the Schipperke is their ability in search and rescue situations and scent trials. One Schipperke team in particular has helped in the search and recovery of missing per- sons. Th e Schipperke Club of America has recently welcomed this team of dogs into its Hall of Fame for their e ff orts. Th ere are a few other fun, “work” type activities that Schipperkes are capable of as well. Th ey might enjoy backpack- ing. In some instances Schipperkes have also done carting or sledding. In each of these activities the dog would be equipped with a properly fitted harness or backpack. Th ese activities are more common in larger breeds, but they are things that Schipper- kes enjoy also. As you can see, there are a great many activities that you as an owner may find very fulfilling with a Schipperke. Th ey are happy to be couch companions or something far

more exciting. All it takes is an equally com- mitted owner, training and of course, love! For more information on the Schipper- ke, visit the SCA website at www.Schip- BIO My love for Schipperkes began when I was very young. Having been the daugh- ter of a “ dog show” family and growing up with our Alaskan Malamutes, I wanted a dog of my own. When I decided that I wanted to have my own dog to show, my parents decided that the malamutes I so loved were too large for such a young girl to show. Th ey let me choose a dog of my own, however they lim- ited me to what I could choose; a small dog with little to no grooming. And so I ended up with a beagle who was my first dog to train and care for. She was a great com- panion, but I wanted a breed that resem-

bled our malamutes, if not in looks then at least in temperament. Good friends of my parents had a Schipperke, and I loved the look of that dog. I remember going to visit them and looking forward to seeing their little black tail less dog. I showed and bred our Alaskan Mala- mutes for many years with my parents. One of my greatest accomplishments was going Winners Bitch from the Bred By Class at the 1990 National Specialty with my first malamute Kasse, I was only 12 years old. Years later, I won Best of Breed at the NY/NJ Regional Specialty with her grand daughter K.C. I still wanted a smaller breed of my own, and decided that it was finally time to have an adorable Schipperke. Th at was in June of 2000, and they have completely captured my heart since. I still am active with my family’s Alaskan Malamutes, but do not have any currently living with me.


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