Showsight Presents the Great Pyrenees

La Brise Pyrenean Shepherds, Great Pyrenees and Beaucerons

Attempting to understand the mind of another species brings a special joy. We love sharing what we’ve learned about training, breeding, and living with these amazing animals.

At La Brise, breeding is an art, and a science, a responsibility, and a passion.

These ancestral breeds have been handed down generation after generation. Our responsibility is to maintain traditional type, temperament and working ability -from hard working sheepdogs to livestock guardians guaranteed to protect flocks.

The art of breeding requires

education, experience, and cultivating a knack for putting the right dogs together.

The science comes from over 40 years of studying anatomy, genetics, biomechanics,

etc, and certified health testing with 15 generations of healthy dogs. It’s not chance, it’s hard work, an open mind, and seeking out opportunities to learn from experts around the world. La Brise ~ Dr. Patricia Princehouse AKC Performance Agility Breeder of the Year (all breed, 2018) AKC Herding Group Breeder of the Year (2019) Performance: over 70 MACHs and ADCHs, 4 dogs on world teams, FCI Agility World Champion 2011 (midi), and over two thousand titles in herding, agility, obedience, rally, tracking, diving, nosework, barn hunt, flyball, weight pull, disc dog, freestyle, coursing and much more! Pet: We are extremely proud of our many pups who have become the steadfast companions of people from so many walks of life. Many of our pet owners understand the essence of the breed as well or better than many breeders or competitors. Patricia Princehouse • 440-478-5292 • Conformation: Over 100 champions, including more than a dozen BIS, and/or Group First winners, 20 Natl Spec BOB, well over a hundred group placements on dozens of dogs - most of whom owner-handled.



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