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DIANE BURVEE I live in Kansas City for the most part of the year, when I am not visiting family and friends in Asia and Europe. I write, I travel and I conduct research on subjects of special interests with my latest subject being “Revolution Of The American Psyche In The Global Perspective.” I am also a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ who enjoys trying out different cuisines and new restaurants. I have been involved in the sports since 1993 when I came to attend college in America, together with my foundation Afghan Hound bitch that was incidentally from Sydney, Australia. I have been licensed to judge by AKC for 7 years now. JAMES DALTON I live in Portsmouth, Ohio. Due to the extent of my involve- ment in dogs there isn’t a lot of time for anything else but I am on the board of directors for the Southern Ohio museum and cultural arts center and involved in fundraising for several local charities including the Red Cross. I have been involved since I was a child and exhibited my first dog, a smooth Dachshund, in 1974. You do the math! I first judged in Ireland when I was sixteen years old, but only started judging in the US over the last few years. ANNE HIER I live in North Branch, Michigan. I am a professional artist and writer. I’ve been involved in the sport since 1972, groom- ing at a Samoyed kennel. I purchased my first show dog, a Bulldog, in 1975 and my first French Bulldog in 1984. I have been judging since 1988. LORI HUNT, DVM I live in Ohio. I am a practicing small animal veterinar- ian with a special interest in reproduction. I’ve been involved with the sport since 1999 and have been judging for the last year.

French Bulldog Club of America as well as Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs, American Bullmastiff Association, Ladies Dog Club and Wachusett Kennel Club. With this and what I do as a judge and breeder, I don't have much time for other stuff, except reading and gardening. I am currently President of the French Bulldog Club of America, member of FBDCA Judges Education Committee, judge of French Bull- dogs for over twenty years and breeder of French Bulldogs for much longer than that. LUIS & PATRICIA SOSA We live in Madisonville, Louisiana, about 30 miles north of New Orleans. Outside of dogs, Patty likes to cook, garden and make Frenchies. In addition to photographing dog shows, Luis is a Civil Engineer and photographs for a hobby, mostly with large format film cameras. Luis has been “in dogs” some 42 years, Patty around 32. We’ve both been judging a little over 10 years. Luis judges Working, Non-Sporting as well as some Toys and Hounds; Patty judges Working and some Non- Sporting breeds. ROBIN STANSELL I live in Clayton, North Carolina. I have been exhibiting since 1976 and judging since 1991. Outside of dogs, I do very little! I have enjoyed sports cars and a little racing in the past, but now have little time for either. MARY WALSH I live with my daughter, Meaghan in South Boston, Mas- sachusetts. I am presently employed full time as a Research Nurse at Boston University School of Medicine. I have been involved with purebred dogs for over 40 years--first in Bull- mastiffs and then some 20 years with Frenchies. I began judg- ing in 2004. 1. How important is gait in your evaluation? DB: Gait is vital to ascertain proper carriage and soundness in movement in all breeds. For me, it is interesting to study how dogs use themselves, their footing and timing in their locomotion. I tend to put more emphasis on gait in breeds where the gait serves to perform a function


I live in Templeton, Massachusetts, located in central Massachusetts. I am active in a lot of dog-related clubs—

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