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CCAQCG Hall of Fame Inductee & author

D r. Theo ‘Ted’ Kjellstrom, DVM has been inducted into the Collie Club of America Quarter Century Group’s Hall of Fame. In 2008 our dog world lost Ted, who was one of our treasured judges and friends. To quote his long-time friend, Peggy Wolfe, “Ted was a rare individual: a teacher, a student, a mentor, a chal- lenger-of-the-mundane, elegant, suave, private, proud and once you knew him, easy to love.” Dr. William Brokken spoke at the induction ceremony in Louisville, Ken- tucky, sharing a story reflecting Kjellstrom’s infectious personality, “Ted made judging and dog shows fun and probably drove a few AKC Reps up the wall. Bob Futh reminded me about when he was evaluating the expression on Tommy Coen’s hot Special and Ted smoothly went behind him, maybe to look from the other side, only to find Ted mimicking Tom’s tip-toeing handling methods while engaging the crowd. “Kathy Peters remembered one show when Ted, wearing the usual plaid jacket, showed up with an anti-theft security device firmly attached to the back of his jacket! Was it a joke? Or did he steal the jacket? That was Ted!” My late husband Jim and I spent many exciting times with Ted from New York to California and in-between. I will always remember my friend Ted Kjellstrom, a truly deserving new member of the Collie Quarter Century Group Hall of Fame.

(left to right) Doris Wederman, Helene Forthal, Lorraine Still, Roz Durham and Helga Kane—friends on hand of for the week’s CCA

festivities honoring Ted.

DR. THEO ‘TED’ KJELLSTROM Hall of Fame Inductee

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