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Both front and rear angulation is very important to this breed to help them achieve the best drive and reach when in motion. A well laid back front shoul- der and a nice well bent stifle are highly desirable. But, overall balance front and rear will usually result in well moving English hound. Historically, legs and feet are crucial features of a sound English Coonhound. When viewed from the front and from the rear, we want to see straight legs leading to a well rounded, catlike foot showing a strong arch over the toes. Splay feet are not desirable and would result in a Coonhound that will break down after a few short years of hunting in the field. As judges evaluate these hounds and lay hands on them, they will be able to appreciate the athlete the English Coon- hound is. But, as you step back and take a final look at your ring of American English Coonhounds, you will likely see hounds of many di ff erent color patterns. From my experience, the “redtick” or the red and white ticked is the most common English Coonhound color. But, as men- tioned earlier… these hounds represent the most diverse of all the Coonhound breeds and that is easily seen with the color. You will also see blue and white

ticked (almost like the Bluetick Coon- hound), tri-color with ticking, along with red and white and blue and white. All of these must include at least 10% ticking across the body or it is a disqualifica- tion. Th is variety of colors can easily be understood if you will recall that until the 1940s the Bluetick and the Treeing Walker Coonhound were once registered all together as English Coonhounds, that is…until their fanciers petitioned to have them recognized as their own individual breeds. And so the genetic makeup is very diverse and even a mating of two red and white ticked parents today can result in any of the above mentioned colors. But, let me make this very clear…there is not any one preference for any particular color. An American English Coonhound of any color should be judged equally based on their physical attributes without regard to color. In summary, please know that the American English Coonhound is a canine athlete with a powerful racy body that needs to be able to go to the woods at night and perform for its owner. And then poten- tially sleep at the owners’ feet at night! Th is hound is confident and happy… a family dog! Take time to appreciate its diversity and its unique characteristics!


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