Showsight Presents the Giant Schnauzer


By Olga Gagne

Origin & History E

arly accounts of the Giant Schnauzer state that the breed was developed in the kingdoms of Wurttemburg and Bavaria in southern Ger- many. It was a farm herding

type of dog, multi-hued, mostly black in color, but sometimes a yellow or reddish color, or pepper-salt or gray. In 1876, the “Bavarian Wolf Hund” was described as a strong, black or black-brown dog with rough or shaggy coat, strong chest, distin- guishing itself by its courage, by holding together herds of hogs and cattle and by being particularly fit for protection from hostile attacks. It was an established breed by the end of the nineteenth century, but the few breeders were extremely secretive, never revealing their breeding records, nor o ff er- ing outside stud services or selling their dogs. It is theorized that the early Giant Schnauzer was developed from crosses with smooth-coated drovers, rough-coated shepherd dogs, black Great Danes and Bouviers des Flanders. Also, it is further suggested that because the resultant dog resembled a larger edition of the already well-known and older Standard Schnau- zer, an infusion of Standard Schnauzer blood was given to reinforce type.

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