Showsight Presents the Giant Schnauzer

S C H U T Z E N G E L ’ S

T H A N K Y O U J U D G E M S . C A R O L Y N A . H E R B E L

We sincerely appreciate all the judges that recognized a Pepper Salt Giant that we feel possesses correct breed type. Hard coat, correct color, form and function are essential to the breed and variety! We would like to thank esteemed Judges Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia for awarding him his first major and Ms. Carolyn A. Herbel for awarding him with his second major by giving him BOB and then a group 2 in a beautiful lineup in the working group. Would also like to thank Hilde Haakensen for her friendship, mentoring, expert grooming and handling of this very special dog. Assisted by Noelle Silva

O W N E D B Y B R I T T N E Y F I S H E R - H O L L O W A Y A N D R A Y B O Y D


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