Showsight Presents the Giant Schnauzer



interference and quality control. 1970 started in dogs, Dober- mans and Giant Schnauzers. 1978 started showing. 1991 started judging. JAY RICHARDSON

I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I run my boarding kennel and I deal in real estate. I was a professional handler for 28 years, judging 27 years. KLAUS & JOAN ANSELM We live in Keswick, Virginia just outside of Charlottesville. We both enjoy travel and are on the road as often as possible. I am a tapestry weaver, very busy in my studio designing and weaving. My work (website: is in pri- vate and public collections in this country and in Europe. We both grew up with dogs and have been active in the dog show world since 1964. We have both been judging for 30 years. LINDA FOWLER

I live in Elgin, IL about 45 minutes west of O’Hare. I try and manage the kid’s schedules. I have been showing dogs since I was 10 years old, my parents raised Poodles. I have been judg- ing since 1994.

1. Describe the breed in three words. BA: Elegant, statuesque and impressive.

K&JA: Robust, robust, robust. LF: After the obviously required breed traits—strength, bal- ance, sound temperament.

I am presently retired, but see the attached bio, submitted to the GSCA prior to my judging. I obtained my first show dog—a Newfoundland— in 1976 and owner-handled him to his Championship. Several years later got my first Giant—EL LOBO UNIQUE—also owner-handled to her Championship. Since 1986 have been a Portuguese Water Dog breed- er. I have been judging since 1990.

GM: Beautiful, loyal and trustworthy. JR: Powerful, robust and intelligent.

2. What are your "must have" traits in this breed? BA: Bone, body, correct coat, correct movement. K&JA: Substance, stocky build, Schnauzer type. LF: Breed type (as per the standard, not what is "in style"), balanced effortless movement, sound temperament. GM: Wire double coat, long dry chiseled head, substance with a solid top line with slightly rounded croup. JR: Proper bone and substance, correct make and shape, cor- rect temperament and correct hair. 3. Are there any traits in this breed you fear are becoming exaggerated? BA: Too much trimming and incorrect coat. K&JA: Elegance, poor coat quality, lack of substance. LF: None specifically, but believe that the grooming is becoming over-exaggerated—dyed coats, etc. GM: Incorrect soft coats.


I reside in Edgewater, Fl and my summers in New Hamp- shire where I was born. Currently retired; principal electron- ic engineer by profession, specializing in electromagnetic

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