Showsight Presents the Giant Schnauzer

JR: Trimming is always an issue, but in this breed it is usu- ally poor trimming and coat instead of over trimming. One sees exaggerated outlines,meaning long backs, overangulated rears, length of muzzles andback skulls have become exaggerated in length. 4. Do you think the dogs you see in this breed are better now than they were when you first started judging? Why or why not? BA: The breed is most definitely better today; we have so many wonderful breeders totally dedicated to the breed. K&JA: Yes, thanks due to a few dedicated breeders, although there is still a lot of room for improvement. LF: Now overall (not any specific dogs), when I first started judging, the rears were a weak point. When they improved, the fronts seemed to become very nar- row? With what I have seen recently, there has been an improvement at both "ends". I did point out at the National that although bites overall were acceptable, there is a need to keep an eye on the occlusions of side teeth, which is instrumental in maintaining the required scissor bite. GM: They have greatly improved, much better: tempera- ments, top lines, movement. JR: No, overall there are seldom more than one or two in an entry that are real quality. As I mentioned above coats are a major problem, I believe the dogs could have good coats if worked correctly. As with many terrier breeds at this time it is hard to find people willing to put that much time and effort into it. 5. Why do we see so few salt & pepper Giants in top competition? BA: I not know why not many salt peppers. K&JA: Lack of commitment by breeders, limited gene pool. LF: I have no idea, but have seen some lovely "pepper and salts" and awarded them appropriately. GM: There has only been one instance where I would have given a point to a Salt/Pepper. Their heads and eyes do not demonstrate their mental toughness. JR: That is a question for the breeders, In the past year I think I just had one. He ran around the ring as fast as could be, ears pinned back, tail completely tucked and had hair about 3-4 inches long. 6. What do you think new judges misunderstand about the breed? BA: I think some are of the opinion that they are big Miniatures; they don’t take time to learn the purpose of the Giants—their working ability and their intended purpose.

K&JA: For anybody interested in the breed, please attend a National Specialty. LF: Coats, body proportions, the work they were bred to do. GM: Judges may fall prey to the well-furnished, soft-coated flashiness. JR: The make and shape, compactness, temperaments. “there iS nothing thAt exciteS me more thAn A LARGE 7. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the breed? Please elaborate. BA: I think they are beautiful—a lot of work goes into the presentation, but the breeders and exhibitors of this breed as a whole are so devoted the Giant Schnauzer. The breed is sometimes a total work of art and a truly beautiful site is to watch one move around the ring very beautiful. LF: I believe that overall the Giant breeders have done an excellent job in improving and maintaining their breed. GM: There is nothing that excites me more than a large ring full of Giants. They are just beautiful, that is why I was attracted to them years ago. JR: This is a wonderful breed that should command the ring with its style and temperament. 8. And, for a bit of humor, what’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a dog show? BA: There are too many funny things, I could write a book! LF: There are many instances, but years ago when I was showing my Giant bitch against a dog, the dog proceeded to lift his leg and urinate on the judge! It was an easy win that day! GM: I asked an exhibitor to take her dog around in a small circle and to come back from where she started; she did a small pirouette and looked at me, I asked again to go further and she went around a 2 foot circle. I did not ask her again. Another instance many years ago: a person asked me to hold their Irish setter, as soon as the owner left the dog peed all over my legs. Not funny at the time. RING FULL OF GIANTS.”

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