Showsight Presents the Giant Schnauzer


by Sylvia HammarSTrom Skansen Kennel, AKC Breeder of Merit

T here are three varieties of the Schnauzer: The Giant, usually 25 to 28 inches over the shoulder, weighing between 65 and 120 pounds; the Stan- dard Schnauzer, a medium sized dog 18-20 inches over the shoulder, weigh- ing between 35 and 45 pounds; and the Miniature Schnauzer, usually 12-14 inches over the shoulder, weighing about 15 pounds. The Schnauzers come in solid black or pepper & salt color (a kind of silver grey). In the Giant variety one sees mostly blacks in the Standard and Miniature sized, mostly pepper &

salt. Black & silver as well as white are additional colors in the mini’s, although much more rare. Most black Giants have some grey hairs, and as they get clipped these grey hairs increase. This is per- fectly normal. If you want to avoid your dog getting grey into his coat, you must strip his coat twice a year. Or use the coat king regularly when you brush. To strip means to pull out the hair by the root. However, most dogs are clipped and the dog is black, so some grey hairs are really of no importance. At Skansen Kennel, we specialize in all three variet- ies of Schnauzer.

The Giant Schnauzer belongs to the working group and is bred for his work- ing and protective abilities. He is an excellent family watchdog, taking his work quite seriously. He becomes very protective about his car, house, and owner. Because of his size, I recommend that he gets basic obedience training as a young dog so he is well controlled. His protective work is instinctive and does not have to be trained. He has a hard, wiry coat which pro- tects him in most weather. He can live outdoors, but like most dogs, he prefers to be inside with the family. There are

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