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“Regardless of color, please judge the dog as a whole entity; keeping in mind that ‘All colors are acceptable.’”

sable, red with tan points, sable with tan points, chocolates, etc. Is a sable with tan points the same description given to a variety in other breeds? Some examples are German Shepherds and Pomera- nians. None of these new colors are listed for registration purposes. I am including photos of a few of the different color combi- nations here. Even though livers and blues are mentioned, one will rarely find them in the show ring—but you will see them, most likely in puppy mill ads, etc. However, having said this, they are not to be ruled out in the conformation ring as they are acceptable colors. So, to summarize: Regardless of color, please judge the dog as a whole entity; keeping in mind that “All colors are acceptable.”

Yes, the majority of breeders will only show you the parti colors with big white faces, white blaze, etc., all coming in a variety of colors. However, what is underneath the color/coat must also be given the same recognition. More and more, we are seeing a large variety of new colors and markings. One of the biggest problems with the different register- ing clubs is that all of these new colors are not being identified properly! Therefore, when looking at pedigrees, it may say the dog is black and white when, in reality, it is a tri. Otherwise, a dog that is black with tan should be identified as black and tan markings. Genetically, I believe that the majority of colors listed on pedigrees are wrong, given that they are now coming up with names such as

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