Showsight Presents the Spinone Italiano

scissoring should exist. Since the Spinone expression is so important, the judges need to be able to SEE it! 10. During examination, what can judges do differently? How can this breed’s Judges Education be improved? I wish they would understand and look for the roof- shaped skull. This simply means the lateral walls of the skull slope gently down. The top of the skull should be oval; never triangular (wide back skull) or rectangular. 11. What previously campaigned B&Ts come close to your ideal? Please explain. Ch. Couchfields Puccini Del Mucrone. 12. How do Spinones in the US compare to those around the world? We have some of the best dogs in the world here in the US; however, they rarely show at AKC shows because regular AKC judges do NOT (usually) understand the breed at all. These dogs usually only show at the National under breed specialists who understand type. A breed specialist is not going to put up a generic, showy, fancy looking Spinone because this is an old rustic breed that should not be flying around the ring. The dogs should be wide and substantial. DEBBIE PERROTT 1. Please tell us about your background with the Spinone Italiano. I am Debbie Perrott of Hootwire Kennel. I have bred GWP, PBGV, GBGV and Spinoni Italiani. I was fortunate to show the first Spinone Breed Winner at Westminister in 2001. This was Ch. Cerebella del Caos at Hootwire, the first AKC bitch Champion. I also imported a Spinone from Scotland, BISS Silver Grand Ch, Javal I’m Movin’ On To Hootwire, RN, BN, CGCA. His call name was DiOGi. He won two consecutive National Specialties under judges Mike Billings and Cindy Vogel. DiOGi was the #1 Spinone in the US twice, Westminster Breed Winner, Eukanuba Breed Winner twice and Eukanuba Best Bred By Spinone in 2014. 2. In order, name the most important traits you look for in the ring.

Most sporting dogs have level or sloping toplines and most Sporting dogs move uphill with high head carriage. 7. Describe ideal Spinone movement. A Spinone should have a loose, easy relaxed gait. He should always move on a loose lead and while he does have reach and drive it is not the same reach and drive that many of the other Sporting breeds should have. The extended trot on a Spinone is not the same extended trot that you would want to see in most other breeds. It is a very different dog altogether. 8. What are the misconceptions by judges unfamiliar with the breed? Judges unfamiliar with the breed get caught up in the top line and divergent planes and never learn more about the breed. They miss things like the deep underline, the powerful bone and substantial body. They miss the importance and knowledge of Spinone expression and head type beyond the divergent planes. They miss the importance of proportions (the head is 4 ⁄ 10 the height at the withers, the neck is ² ⁄ ³ the length of the head, etc.). 9. Describe the Spinone coat and the importance of grooming. The coat is harsh and there is no under coat. It is a single coat. Hand stripping is important. The head should be stripped on the skull and top of the ears. Excessive coat should be removed with a stripping knife, but no pattern or

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