Showsight Presents the Wirehaired Vizsla

Photo courtesy of Laszlo Otvos.

Photo courtesy of Peg Roginski.

Photo courtesy of Doug Wall.

Task in the water. Photo courtesy of Kathy Lormis.

20.5. Th e body length from breastbone to point of hip should be slightly longer than height to the withers. Th ere should be suf- fi cient bone and substance for a hunting dog that goes through all kinds of terrain but still light enough to hunt all day. Th e Wirehaired Vizsla’s well-propor- tioned head exhibits medium size, slightly oval eyes with tight rims. Ears are set at a medium height with moderate length end- ing in a V shape. Th e skull is well muscled, moderate in length and slightly domed with a moderate stop that has a slight groove from stop to occiput. Th e muzzle is blunt, slightly shorter than half the length

of the head and parallel to skull. Th e nose is such an important part of a hunting breed so this should be wide with open nostrils. Th e bite should be scissor with an under or overshot bite being a disquali fi cation, as is having more than two missing teeth. Th is head of moderation should fi t well with their body of many moderations. Th e slightly arched, medium length neck should be in balance with the head and body. Th e moderately broad chest should be deep, well-muscled and set at the elbows. Th e moderately sprung ribs should be carried well back to a moderate tuck up. Th e topline is straight, well-muscled, fall-

ing into a slightly rounded, well-muscled croup, which is moderate in length. Th e tail is set just below the level of the croup and should be thick at the base. A docked tail should be docked by one-quarter of its length, and a natural tail should reach to the hock joint. Both tails should be carried level or slightly saber-like. Now, when it comes to the forequarters and hindquarters of the standard, moderate is not the wording used. Well angulated is the term for the shoulders and sti fl e for a good reason. If a dog is to hunt hard on land and water they need to have enough angu- lation so that their limbs can extend freely.

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