Showsight Presents The Ibizan Hound


By Teddy Burke (Photos by Ky Boe Photography & Erica Kasper Photography)

Living With T he Ibizan Hound is an even tempered and engaging breed and a joy to live with if provided with a suitable home environment providing energy outlets and closeness to its owners. When provided these they will settle down and enjoy home life or they can be depend- ed upon to find their own entertainment. Th ose who heed the requirements of breed traits become loyal devotees of the breed.

Lifestyles where an Ibizan is regularly expected to be alone for extended periods of time are inappropriate for their energy level and need for social contact. An unsu- pervised Ibizan left alone for hours in the yard can be counted on to try its security and dig amongst the landscaping. House Manners Th ey are exuberant, curious and busy youngsters (some adults also) and require constant supervision until they “learn the ropes” and mature a bit, usually at

around three or four years of age. Until then nothing of value such as food, digi- tal devices, eyewear, or toys should be left where they can be reached. Ibizans are adept jumpers and have demonstrated the ability to snatch items from the top of refrigerators. Other Animals Ibizans will appreciate the company of other dogs, particularly of their breed and will accept other animals in its household when properly introduced.


S HOW S IGHT M AGAZINE , M AY 2014 • 189

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