Showsight Presents The Ibizan Hound

Barking Although not protective guard dogs they notice everything and will react with barking to typical neighborhood activity. Energy Level Th eir high prey drive results in tire- less e ff orts to reach small mammals like squirrels, opossums, groundhogs, strange cats etc. which when combined with their remarkable leaping ability dictates a secure fenced yard (five feet depending on the dog, maybe higher). For the same reason it is strongly recommended Ibizans never be permitted o ff leash. Children Ibizans are powerful dogs and although generally calm and sweet can be di ffi cult to restrain when prey drive is activated. Th ey are friendly to responsible children but do not always appreciate rough hous- ing. When standing on its rear legs an Ibizan can easily place its front feet on an adults shoulders and care should be taken with exuberant dogs and young children. Activities Popular activities with this breed include dog shows (conformation) and lure coursing (AKC and ASFA). Lure coursing is a sport involving chasing a mechanically operated lure and is a most enjoyable outlet for the Ibizans natu- ral hunting instincts and energy. Other chase venues include oval (LGRA) and “THE IBIZAN POSSESSES A SENSITIVE, GENTLE TEMPERAMENT that responds best to patience and positive training techniques.”

Care & Health Ibizans normally live eleven to fourteen years. While not plagued as a breed with a high level of specific health problems, sei- zures and autoimmune illness are seen. Cataracts and deafness do occur but can be tested for at a young age. Th is is a clean breed with little odor and only moderate shedding. Weekly brushing, nail trimming, teeth and ear cleaning with occasional bathing are all that is required for a well-groomed hound. For more information contact the Ibi- zan Hound Club of the United States. Website

straight (NOTRA) racing. Agility, Obe- dience, Rally and other activities are a rewarding way to build a relationship with your dog but the Ibizan should not be the first choice for those whose goal is national level all breed success in these venues. Long walks or jogging (after physical maturity approximately 14 months) are appropriate outlets to main- tain fitness and temper the energy level for these athletic hounds. Th e Ibizan pos- sesses a sensitive, gentle temperament that responds best to patience and posi- tive training techniques.

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