Showsight Presents The Ibizan Hound

THE IBIZAN HOUND ERIC LIEBES, JEC for the Ibizan Hound Club of America, Breeder judge

I bizan Hound history has its roots in the time of the Pharaohs where both paintings and sculptures of the Anubis represent an ances- tor to the Ibizan Hound, the Pharaoh Hound and the other Podenco breeds. These go back as far as 3400 BC. A paint- ing on a sarcophagus showing a red and white prick eared dog is unmistakably this breed. The various Podencos were spread throughout the Mediterranean by Phoenician sea traders. The Ibizan Hound is named for the island of Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands off the east coast of Spain. There and on neighbor- ing Majorca the breed stayed pure for more than 2000 years, honed its rabbit hunting ability and worked to put food on the table. The dogs still hunt on their native islands and elsewhere. Since our first imports in the 1950s Ibizan Hound popularity has grown in the United States. They achieved full AKC recognition in 1979. Ibizans are loving pets, sweet with each other and their families. Even adult Ibizans are known for their clownish behavior although the highest titles of obedi- ence competition have been reached. They particularly excel in lure coursing where strong prey drive, speed and ath- leticism are rewarded. For judges our breed standard does a good job of guiding your choices in the ring. “Clean–cut lines, large prick ears and light pigment give it a unique appearance”, “bred for thou- sands of years with function being of prime importance”, “Lithe and racy”, and “deerlike elegance combined with the power of a hunter”. These phrases from the General Appearance section of our Standard give the impression you should get when a great example walks into your ring.


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