Showsight Presents The Ibizan Hound

JUDGING THE IBIZAN HOUND By Dr. Eric Liebes IHCUS Judge’s Education Coordinator & Breeder-Judge (Photos by Ky Boe Photography & Erica Kasper Photography)

M ore and more judg- es are getting the opportunity to evaluate high qual- ity entries of Ibizan Hounds. Since the entrance of the breed into AKC regular competition in 1979 overall consisten- cy, soundness, head and body type, and size have improved as our breeders have worked to produce exhibits who can func- tion in the field and fit our standard in the show ring. “Clean-cut lines, large prick ears and light pigment give it a unique appear- ance”, “bred for thousands of years with

function being of prime importance”, “Lithe and racy”, and “deerlike elegance combined with the power of a hunter”. Th ese are from the General Appearance section of the Ibizan Hound Standard. If this is the impression you get from an Ibi- zan in front of you, you are likely looking at a good example. Th e Ibizan is a moderate sighthound with exceptional ears. After the ears, the Ibizan’s front construction and character- istic movement make the dog unique. Th is is described in statements throughout our standard. Here are some of them: • A rather upright upper arm. Th e shoul- der blades are well laid back.

• Th e elbow is positioned in front of the deepest part of the chest. • Th e deepest part of the chest, behind the elbow, is nearly to or to the elbow. • Th e chest is deep and long with the breast- bone sharply angled and prominent. • Th e brisket is approximately 2 ½ inches above the elbow. • A suspended trot with joint flexion when viewed from the side. Th is construction is unique to the Ibi- zan Hound. Th e Ibizan’s return of upper arm does not match its shoulder lay back, so the elbow is properly placed further forward than on a “normal front”. Th e deepest point of the chest, at or to the


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