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The Bracco Italiano Club of America is committed to education. BICA will be offering breed seminars to those who desire to learn more about the Bracco. AKC is excited about promoting this breed in the coming months in a variety of ven- ues, at shows, and in various publications. There are a number of Judge’s Education Seminars scheduled, and enrolling, at shows near you! In celebration of being the 200th breed accepted into full AKC recognition, BICA is offering judges education at no fee for the first 200 judges who attend. If there are regions where there are cluster breed seminars taking place in which there is not a seminar offered for the Bracco Italiano, please let the person organizing the Judges Education offerings know that you would like to request a seminar for this breed. You may also reach out to me, Lisa Moller, via email at, or call 608-617-9666 for assistance with getting a seminar scheduled. We will work together with various events and organizations to spread the word and assist with mentoring others in our wonderful breed. The Bracco Italiano Club of America welcomes your inquiries, appreciates your admiration of Bracchi Italiani, and invites you to join us on this continued journey!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Lisa Moller has been involved in purebred dog breeding since the mid 1980s. Involved with milking cows on the family dairy farm, she was initially involved in breeding Australian Shepherds for the purpose of herding the cattle. In 1986, Lisa obtained her first Chinese Shar-Pei, joined the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America (CSPCA), and committed to Obedience competitions. She then became interested in showing in the Conformation ring about a year later, which led to attending the CSPCA National each year. Learning the value and importance of doing health screenings, OFA X-rays, and additional breeding compatibility testing, Lisa has been a successful breeder of Chinese Shar-Pei since 1988. As an owner- handler, she has finished the Conformation championships of, and has ranked, many dozen Chinese Shar-Pei over the last 30+ years. Lisa is always up for the challenge of handling dogs for other people/friends/ colleagues, no matter the breed. It’s making “the connection” that motives her. She is also involved in the Judges Education Program as a presenter for the CSPCA.

Lisa acquired her first Bracco Italiano in 2018. Having also bred Labrador Retrievers in past years for upland game hunting, she was intrigued by the pointing dog from Italy but knew nothing about hunting with a pointing dog nor the AKC and NAVHDA field testing of a pointing breed. Lisa is not nearly as comfortable in the field training aspects as she is in the Conformation ring, but she has accomplished two hunting titles on her five-year old male and three hunting titles on her three-year-old female Bracco. It fascinates her so much to watch these dogs use their innate natural ability that she will not only continue to hunt her dogs but also continue to stay curious and challenge herself to learning as much as she can about the training and competition of additional field titles. Lisa has been very active in the Miscellaneous Class and FSS at Conformation shows with her Bracchi Italiani for the past four years and loves the attention and questions that the breed gets from judges, other exhibitors, and spectators. She is on the BOD for the BICA, is the Lead of the Judges Education Program, and is on the National Planning Committee, among other additional tasks that come with being a committed and dedicated member of the parent club For 25 years, Lisa and her husband, Dale, built and operated a boarding, training, and grooming facility in Portage, Wisconsin, Caring for customers’ dogs as if they were their very own was their specialty. Lisa’s passion for learning anything new related to dogs (and all animals) has been a constant since she was a small child.


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