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Historical collections don’t do anyone any good by sitting in a dusty drawer or in boxes in the attic. Collections are only as valuable as you make them; by sharing them with the younger generation of dog fanciers. Many items can be scanned so that the original is able to stay with the col- lector. It’s also quite valuable to share what you find on social media and to use the platform to promote your breed—and our sport in general. I’ve had some wonderful conversations on social media by sharing what I’ve found, and by asking for help in putting the pieces of the puzzle together to tell the story. One example is a letter, which I’d pur- chased online, that is from James Mortim- er to Mr. G. M. Rundle of Danbury, Con- necticut. After much conversation with others and a good deal of research, it was determined that this letter references Dan- bury Fair’s dog show beginnings. Making historic items available to their original clubs is also a meaningful gesture, as many are working on their history archives. Some have even written books. I’m just your average breeder/exhibitor. I’m not steeped in dog show history, but col- lecting has awakened a passion that I hope I might share with others in our sport. We can save our bits and pieces, and use them to inspire the next generation through the story of our amazing evolution.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pat Bullard of Sallipesh Maltese is a breeder/owner-handler from Nashville, Tennessee. Beginning in the breed in the 1980s, she has campaigned and bred top-ranking Maltese, and has served the American Maltese Association as Corresponding Secretary, Founder of the National’s White Excitement Party, and she currently serves as Co-Chairman of the Education Committee.

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