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“Judges are reminded that they should always GIVE THEIR AWARDS TO THE BEST DOGS IN THE RING and not necessarily to the biggest dogs present.”

Movement Th e conformation described in the standard implies a movement unique UP4BJOU#FSOBSETɨJTNPWFNFOUNVTU re fl ect the proportions, substance and power required of the breed. Although the standard does not specially discuss movement or gait, the conformation dic- UBUFT DPSSFDU NPWFNFOU GPS B 4BJOU #FS - nard. A correctly made Saint will move with good reach in front and balanced drive from the rear. Saints should not shu ffl e, amble, or lumber, nor should they over reach or take short, mincing steps. Th ese dogs should move with a fi rm, level back and with the head car- ried more forward than erect. In action all dogs carry the tail more or MFTTUVSOFEVQXBSE)PXFWFS JUNBZOPU be carried too erect or by any means rolled PWFSUIFCBDL"4BJOU#FSOBSEXJMMUFOEUP single track while trotting, front and rear action will be smooth and straight forward without signs of looseness or weakness in the joints. Th e gait should be that of a mas- sive, e ffi ciently moving, powerful athlete. Th e gait should be evaluated while the dog is traveling at moderate speed on a loose lead; fast speeds and/or tight leads can only render a distorted picture of the dog’s true movement.

Summary Judges are asked to demand a mini- mum level of acceptability in the follow- JOHBTQFDUTPGUIFEPH )FBEUZQF  Proportions, balance and substance; 3) .PWFNFOUBOE 5FNQFSBNFOUɨBUJT  any dog that ranks below a minimum level of correctness in any one of these features should not be given any further consider- ation, regardless of the quality elsewhere. Judges are reminded that they should always give their awards to the best dogs in the ring and not necessarily to the big- gest dogs present. Although the standard makes much use of the word “powerful,” please be aware that the word implies strength and power as well as size and TVCTUBODF #FDBVTF PG UIF JNQPSUBODF PGUIFIFBEUPUIF4BJOU#FSOBSECSFFE  markings must always be secondary to correct head type. Th erefore, a Saint that is a “half mask” or a “baldface”, is fully acceptable as long as the head structure is correct and pigment is black around the eyes, lips and on the nose. In evaluating dogs with equally correct head structure then preference should be given to the one with the desired full mask. 1SPQFS FWBMVBUJPO PG UIF 4BJOU #FS - nard will put great emphasis on the well- conditioned and athletic animal and will

denigrate the overweight and out-of-shape dog. As a judge you will often be asked to pass judgment on a massive dog that is no more than a fat and lazy “couch potato” that could never perform its historic task as an alpine rescue dog—such a dog is not a good specimen of the breed. Nor is mere height a virtue when it fails to be accompa- nied by the athletic balance and substance UIBU NBLF UIF DPSSFDU 4BJOU #FSOBSE 8F ask the judges to always keep in mind that bigger is not necessarily better; the more correct dog is always better. Faults are all deviations from the stan- dard, including sway back, disproportion- ately long back, hocks too much bent, straight hindquarters, out at elbows, cow- hocks, weak pasterns and upward growing hair in space between the toes. We have tried to capture the essence of the breed in this brief article. In addition to our standard which provides more detail, we have an illustrated commentary on the stan- EBSEBTXFMMBTB#SFFE4UVEZ$% XIJDI is available to judges at a special price. Th e illustrated commentary is available on our website at For information on these products, or judges FEVDBUJPO TFNJOBST QMFBTF DPOUBDU 7JDUPS %JOHVT  +VEHFT &EVDBUJPO $IBJSNBO WJB email at:

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