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JUDGING THE SAINT BERNARD By the Saint Bernard Club of America

Essence of the Breed T he fi rst sentence in our standard captures the essence of our breed. “Powerful, proportion- ately tall fi gure, strong and muscular in every part, with powerful head and most intel- ligent expression. In dogs with a dark mask the expression appears more stern, but never ill-natured.” Our breed is currently presenting the following types in the ring: “Strong and Powerful with Substance”, “Cute and Cuddly”, “Overdone Caricature” and from time to time you will see a “Collie” type. If you categorize the dogs into these four types when you fi rst look at it, the cuts will

become very clear. Your initial impres- sion when looking at our breed should be “Strong and Powerful with Substance”. Th e word Powerful is used in our standard many times. t 1PXFSGVM QSPQPSUJPOBUFMZUBMMëHVSFy XJUIBQPXFSGVMIFBEy t )FBE-JLFUIFXIPMFCPEZ WFSZQPXFS - ful and imposing. t 4IPVMEFST4MPQJOH BOE CSPBE  WFSZ muscular and powerful. t #FMMZ%JTUJODUMZ TFU Pê GSPN UIF WFSZ powerful loin section. t 5BJM4UBSUJOHCSPBEBOEQPXFSGVMEJSFDU - ly from the rump is long, very heavy ending in a powerful curve. t 6QQFSBSNT7FSZQPXFSGVMBOEFYUSBPS - dinarily muscular.

Th e word “powerful,” as used in the standard, has two interpretations— TUSFOHUIBOETVCTUBODF#PUITUSFOHUIBOE substance are speci fi cally applicable to cor- SFDU4BJOU#FSOBSEUZQF 5PCFQPXFSGVM B4BJOU#FSOBSENVTU have an imposing head, great substance BOESFBMTUSFOHUI)FXJMMMBDLCSFFEUZQF if the head lacks adequate size or if the body or limbs have insu ffi cient substance. It is important to note, however, that any 4BJOU #FSOBSE UIBU GBJMT UP DPNCJOF UIJT large head and great substance with real strength and athleticism is incorrect. Proportionately Tall Th e height at the shoulder should be minimum of 27 ½ inches for males and

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