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a minimum of 25 ½ inches for bitches. Th e 4BJOU#FSOBSEBTBCSFFEJTTVQQPTFEUPCF a large, powerful dog. Th e ideal height of 4BJOU#FSOBSETJTTJHOJëDBOUMZHSFBUFSUIBO the minimum heights stated in the stan- dard. It is important to remember that the standard was written to describe the TIPSUIBJSFE 4BJOU #FSOBSE BOE UIBU UIF longhaired dog must resemble the short- haired variety in every respect except for the DPBUMFOHUI%FTFSWJOHEPHT SFHBSEMFTTPG whether they are shorthaired or longhaired, should be considered equally for awards. Judges should use their hands to evalu- ate dogs, especially skillfully groomed longhaired Saints. Please make sure that the apparent mass and substance of the dog is not simply an illusion created by treating the coat to stand away from the body and/or legs. Th e chest should not reach below the elbows. You will need to use your hands to evaluate the depth of DIFTU JO QSPQPSUJPO UP UIF FMCPX )BJS and skin may give the impression that the chest is dropped further than it is. /05&ɨFTIPSUIBJSFEEPHTJOUIFSJOH will often appear smaller and of less sub- stance than their longhaired competition. Th is often is a distortion of reality. Th e overall height of a dog is measured from the high point of the withers to the ground. When viewing a dog in pro fi le, either in real life or in photographs, the perceived length of the dog is the distance

from the forechest to the rump including fl esh, skin and hair. Th e height-to-length ratio is the subject of the “proportionately tall fi gure” phrase used in the standard. While there are many diverse opinions XJUIJO UIF 4BJOU #FSOBSE XPSME UPEBZ  the consensus is that a dog whose fi gure is approximately 10% longer than tall meets this requirement. In normal stance, the length of the front leg from ground to elbow should be equal to or slightly greater than the distance from the elbow to the withers. In a correctly constructed Saint #FSOBSEUIFMPXFTUQPJOUPGUIFDIFTU JF  skeleton but not fl esh and hair) will be at the same height as the point of the elbow. Th e condition of proportionately short legs is contrary to the breed’s historic task and is therefore, undesirable. It is important UIFIFJHIUPGUIF4BJOU#FSOBSEDPNFTGSPN the length of leg rather than the depth of the body. Powerful Head In dogs with a dark mask the expres- sion appears more stern, but never ill- natured: Judges should be aware that the UFNQFSBNFOU PG UIF 4BJOU #FSOBSE JT PG primary importance. Judges are asked to severely penalize inappropriate tempera- ment whenever it is exhibited in their ring. 3FNFNCFS  GPSN GPMMPXT GVODUJPO  UIFZ were bred to rescue and help people, not to eat them or be fearful).

0VS TUBOEBSE TBZT i&ZFT PO UIF 4BJOU #FSOBSEBSFTFUNPSFUPUIFGSPOUUIBOUIF sides, are of medium size, dark brown with intelligent, friendly expression, set moder- ately deep.” When looking into the eyes you should see intelligence and friendliness. The Standard Requirements 1. Th e head should be powerful and imposing. 2. Th e muzzle is short, does not taper and the depth is greater than the length. 3. Th e fl ews of the upper jaw are slightly overhanging. 4. Th e fl ews of the lower jaw must not be deeply pendant.  .PTU 4BJOU #FSOBSE GBODJFST BHSFF that the following proportions are desirable in meeting the requirements listed above. a) Th e fl ews of the upper jaw are approxi- mately twice as deep as the muzzle is long. b) Th e length of the head is approximately twice the length of the muzzle. c) Th e rise of the skull above the top of the muzzle is approximately equal to the length of the muzzle. d) Th e width of the muzzle at its base is approximately equal to its length. e) Th e width of the skull, measured at the widest point of the cheekbones is approximately twice the length of the muzzle. In judging the head, the dogs should have strongly developed high cheekbones. %P OPU NJTUBLF FYDFTTJWF DIFFLGPME GPS proper cheekbone. When viewed from above the skull widens at the cheek as it pro- gresses from the point at the outer corners of the eyes near the rear part of the head. Th e shape of the topskull combined with proper earset should create the appearance PGBDPOUJOVPVTBSDI#FXBSF IPXFWFSPGB i3PVOEwIFBE VTVBMMZBOJOEJDBUJPOUIBUUIF FBSTFUJTUPPMPXi&BSTPGNFEJVNTJ[F SBUI - er high set, with very strongly developed burr .VTDIFM BUUIFCBTFyɨFìBQJTUFOEFSBOE forms a rounded triangle, slightly elongated UPXBSEUIFQPJOUy-JHIUMZTFUFBST XIJDI at the base immediately cling to the head, give it an oval and too little marked exte- rior, whereas a strongly developed base gives the skull a square, broader and much more expressive appearance.” 4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& " 6(645 t

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