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and expression. Head line and the shape of a muzzle are very important, as are the eyes and ears that give the breed its unique look. Lagotto Romagnolo should have a tender, intelligent and soft gaze. Coat is very important: dense, curly and with woolly textures curled into tight rings. AY: My must haves for the Lagotti are correct size, denti- tion and coat. Of course this is already assuming that the exhibit has the basics of type! This is a measurable breed with quite a wide variation between smallest bitch and largest dog. That may leave you a ring with animals that really are not consistent in size (if you are doing a spe- cialty) or if there is only one or two will you be able to know? A wicket will be helpful. Second, there is a denti- tion description that is a DQ for a pronounced undershot bite that it more than a 1 ¼ inch space between upper and lower incisors. This leaves room for conjecture and I do not see sticking a measuring tape in a dog’s mouth as a solution. The clipped coat also leaves room for interpre- tation in a rustic breed. The standard says a dog can be eliminated from competition for excessive grooming but it is not a DQ. Where does one draw the line? Because the standard calls for clipping some areas it may be hard to keep excess from creeping in. I had one exhibitor expressly ask me about this possible problem. 3. Are there any traits in this breed you fear are becoming exaggerated? NL: Lagotti are not specific among other breeds. The term generic dog can apply to them too as one of general exag- geration (generic dog = having no particularly distinctive quality). MEM: Since this breed is relatively new in the Sporting group, I think that the breeders are doing a pretty good “THE LAGOTTO ROMAGNOLO IS A VERY UNIQUE BREED

My husband and I split the year between Chagrin Falls, Ohio and Key Largo, Florida. Outside of dogs I have a very full life as I still work as a CFO for my son’s printing company; I love to paint and I keep a garden at both homes. When in Florida we fish as well! We raised and showed English Setters starting in the 60s and added Flat-Coated Retrievers in the

80s. I have been judging since 1988 and presently have two groups and some breeds in other groups. I think of myself as, basically, a sporting person. 1. Describe the breed in three words. NL: Medium size, regular build with a rustically appearance. MEM: After judging them several times and having the great fortune to meet a good number of breeders, owners and dogs at their first national last year, if I had to describe the breed in three words, they would be: smallish, rustic and curly. JR: Compact, balanced, rustic—I love that word in the standard. VMSS: Italy, truffles, rustic. I think that both terms rustic and natural fit very well with this breed. The Lagotto Romagnolo is a very unique breed thanks to both its history and look. AY: I would guess three words to describe the Lagotto would be proportions, rustic and curly. I say this as the standard has more proportions and measurements than many standards for other sporting dogs. Those measure- ments can be confusing to new judges and even those who have been around the block a couple of times! 2. What are your “must have” traits in this breed? NL: Easily recognizable as this breed on first view, typical coat and playful temperament. MEM: The three things (other than being free of disqualify- ing faults) that I think are must haves are a wooly, curly dense coat with an undercoat; a good, fully developed head; sound and solid body of a Working Sporting dog. JR: I must see a balanced dog with the proper coat and a high degree of agility. The rustic comes from a proper coat which obviates the necessity for excessive trimming, blow drying, etc. A head that is balanced is really a defin- ing characteristic of the breed, along with the generic soundness criteria. VMSS: Except for excellent anatomy, harmony and proper movement, of course, the Lagotto Romagnolo has to have the rustic feel and be natural in its build, movement


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