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Adrienne Perry continued

Do I feel the average person on the street knows what the breed is? Surprisingly no. Everyone asks what kind of Labradoodle, Gol- dendoodle or Poodle mix is my dog. When I explain, I hear, “Oh, I have never heard of a Lagotto before. How do you spell it?” How has the breed adapted to civilian life? The biggest surprise for us was how much energy, drive and desire to work they have. I quickly and happily learned that it was important to keep our Lagotto engaged in activities that bring them joy such as learning tricks, therapy dog work, nose work classes, daily walks and more than expected times to snuggle and be a curly companion at home. What qualities in the field also come in handy around the house? Coco has been taught to retrieve items. She can find things and pick them up when asked. I find my Lagotto to be alert dogs and that is comforting when the house is left empty or my husband travels. They are a “non-shedding” breed and I love I don’t have hair all over to be cleaned daily. Because I am retired, and my grandchildren live out of state, I love they easily adapt when my grandchildren visit. They also adore the company of my neighbor’s children. I love that they will snuggle as long I want on the couch together. What about the breed makes them an ideal companion? The Lagotto loves its human family. They are protective, loving, extremely intuitive and loyal. The Lagotto wants to be with his or her family. They do not do well left alone for long periods of time. They want to be a part of your daily life whether it is nighttime sleeping, morning activities, work, family gatherings or recreation. The Lagotto is not the breed for someone who plans to leave the dog alone for extended periods of time. They want to be with their family. They are the ultimate family dog. I don’t place a Lagotto, adult or puppy, in a home where the family works full time and the dog is left to wait for their return. This creates undo stress and unhappiness for the dog. The Lagotto is joyful with their fami- ly. They can go to doggy daycare, but don’t do well with an hour walk by Rover or Wagg. Being a sporting dog, Lagotto needs a fair amount of stimulation. This can be mental as well as physical activ- ity. They need to be actively engaged in nose work games, trick training, fetch, hiking, swimming, water activities and more. Many of our dog’s paddleboard, truffle hunt, visit with elderly family in care facilities, go to outdoor cafes for brunch and also work in a service dog capacity. What special challenges do Lagotto breeders face in our cur- rent economic and social climate? It is important to realize that Lagotto is not a curly, cute, teddy bear couch potato. It is difficult to remember that this teddy bear is actually an active, energetic, ball of curiosity, love, fun and mischievous being. The coat requires regular grooming which I am always happy to teach my Lagotto families. Otherwise it requires a trip to the groomer every other month in order to keep the coat curly and beautiful. It is important for Lagotto to eat high quality foods and supplements and see a family veterinarian for regular preventative care. Pet insurance should be an added consideration for all dogs due to new procedures available for keeping pooches healthy. Addi- tionally, we have learned that monies should be set aside for inciden- tals such as pet friendly hotel fees, interactive toys, puzzles, training classes, games, truffles, crates, treats, dog beds and anything else to spoil your most adored Lagotto. It is also not uncommon for the family of a Lagotto to enjoy all of the new Lagotto items available such as Lagotto branded t-shirts, mugs, hats, photos, stuffed ani- mals, Lagotto Club calendars, jewelry and more. And if you want to show your Lagotto in AKC shows, you’ll need funds for that. Additionally, don’t forget a professional photo shoot! Because the Lagotto is a relatively new breed to the United States, recently receiving AKC recognition in 2015, a prospec- tive family should consider that the price of a Lagotto puppy is higher than average. It is important to choose a breeder who is

temperaments. Also to find a magical way to bring newbie breed- ers into the fold so that they are making good choices—so hard to approach someone to say “I think you need some mentorship” but we need to find a way to do just that, before our numbers explode. Personally, I would like to breed dogs that excel in dog sports as well as in the conformation ring. But I want to produce dogs that are sound in body and mind. My favorite dog show memory? I’ve been very fortunate to be able to show in Europe, the pickup date for my two imported dogs always seemed to correspond with a major dog show. My original imported dog was able to finish both his Swiss and his German Championships (as well as his FCI International Championship) owner handled by me, and on one trip we beat the Top Dog in Germany, the day after the Europaseiger show in Dort- mund, so absolutely everyone was there. I’ve got that one on video, the entire crowd gasped when he took the CACIB over the “home town dog” and then he went on to beat a Group 8 winning bitch for the breed as well. That’s still a “pinch me did that really happen moment”! He showed 11 times in Germany and Switzerland and ten times was rated V-1, always over competition. Stateside he was an AKC Grand Champion with a UD, TD, NA and RE, and he was a Juniors dog as well. I guess that’s more a memory of a dog than a dog show. But for me, what he was able to do is what the breed should be able to do—everything! JANET SMITH My website is www.lagot- . I have been involved in showing and breeding dogs most of my adult life. There is noth- ing I enjoy more than shar- ing stories about my Lagot- to. My Lagotto are adorable, loving, comical, curly, fam-

ily orientated, friendly, smart and my best furry friends. My Lagotto are successful AKC and IABCA show dogs, lov- ing family dogs, working therapy dogs, verified truffle hunters and talented service dogs. I am proud to be a Certified Puppy Culture breeder and AKC Certified Evaluator. I am an avid amateur pet photographer and retired Special Education Teacher. I am a wife, mother, grandmoth- er, friend, professional groomer and pet lover. I founded Charlie’s Caps—Hugs for the Head program. I am proud to be an active participant with the following organizations: • Pets for Vets • Anchor Therapy Service Dog Training • Pet Pals Hospice program • ADPT • TDI I have volunteered for many years at local animal shelters and rescue centers. I am an avid advocate for pets. I live in Rocklin, Cal- ifornia. Outside of dogs, I am a retired Special Education Teacher of 30+ years. I tutor family’s children who are struggling in school and help them to get back on track. I offer supportive dog training to help with fixing family dog problems that crop up. I do therapy dog work at Ronald McDonald House and local memory care facilities. I support the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America and I am on the nominating committee. I am a loving grandma to three grandbabies under the age of two years. And I love to shop and use my cell phone and Cannon camera for amateur photography.


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