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“Miniature Schnauzers in the conformation ring must have a coat that has been plucked or stripped or rolled TO ACHIEVE THE HARD WIRY TEXTURE OF THE OUTER COAT, WITH A CLOSE UNDERCOAT.”

folded if not, a scissors bite, neck well arched. Built right, he’ll have a good reach and strong drive in profile, true coming and going. Size is critical to maintain one of our di ff erences from our larger cousin, the Standard Schnauzer. Miniature Schnau- zers must be disqualified from conforma- tion competition if under 12" or over 14" at the withers, regardless of age. Miniature Schnauzers in the confor- mation ring must have a coat that has been plucked or stripped or rolled to achieve the hard wiry texture of the outer coat, with a close undercoat. We don’t stipulate a length—it just needs to be suf- ficient to determine the necessary hard wiry texture.

We have three allowed colors: salt & pep- per, black & silver and solid black, judged without preference among the three colors, black nose required. Salt & pepper refers to a mixture of black and white banded hairs and solid black and solid white unbanded hairs, with banded hairs predominating. All shades of salt & pepper from light to dark mixtures are permissible, undercoat color will vary. Th e black of a black & silver will be a true rich black, and basically will fol- low the same pattern as the salt & pepper. Black, a rich glossy black with a softer black undercoat, is the only solid color allowed. A small white spot on the chest of a black or an occasional single white hair elsewhere on the body is permitted. Any Minia- ture Schnauzer not of an allowed color or

with white striping, patching or spotting on the colored areas of the dog, except for a small white spot permitted on the chest of the black, must be disqualified from conformation competition. Add an alert and intelligent tempera- ment, an a ff ectionate personality full of life, he’s super smart, sometimes a little stubborn, mostly willing to please. From the beginning to the present day, our Miniature Schnauzers are the best! We hope you’ll join us at the Schnau- zapalooza 2013 (http://schnauzapalooza. com/) from May 8-12, 2013 at Purina Farms in Missouri. All three size “cous- ins”—Miniature, Standard and Giant— will be there with bells on, plus we’ll have a combined judges education experience!

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