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THE MINIATURE SCHNAUZER By Wyoma Clouss AMSC Judges Education

M iniature Schnauzers were developed in the late 1800s from a back- ground of German farm dogs known as Pinschers, breeds that became A ff enpinscher, Miniature Pin- scher and Standard Schnauzer. Th ere are even records of early litters being divided by color, size and coat type. Schnauzers were imported into the US and shown in AKC shows in the 20s, but the AKC Miniature Schnauzer breed standard was approved in 1934, completing its o ffi cial separation from the Standard Schnauzer. Th e Miniature Schnauzer has never forgotten his roots as a companion that would keep the household pantry and barnyard free from vermin. Ears were cropped, tails docked to protect them from injury while fighting and killing rats and mice; eyebrows and beard served to protect the face, furnishings the legs. With modest updates to clarify our breed standard, our breed carries on its history of being a fantastic family companion, a watchdog, and a perfect house-size ratter. Our Miniature Schnauzers remain amazingly versatile dogs, belonging to the “Can Do (Almost) Anything” club. Records show that in 2011, our exhibi- tors finished 180 Championships, 47 Grand Ch, 34 CDs and CDXs, 9 UDs and above, 70 some Rally titles, 370 some

Agility titles, 2 Earthdog titles, 16 Th era- py Dog titles and even 3 Coursing Ability titles! Great problem solvers that they are, if allowed to watch Earthdog trials ahead of time, they may just head for the caged rat at the finish line, skipping the tunnels altogether! Th ey love Flyball, and now the new Barnhunt comes as the perfect event to show o ff what Miniature Schnauzers were bred for. Th ey are already starting to earn qualifying Barnhunt scores, some may be titled by the time this is published! The conformation dogs will be groomed to the nines for their ‘tuxedo’ look in the show ring—our companion event dogs, retired conformation dogs, and our pets are usually clippered, but they will maintain their distinctive look by using the same pattern as for the show ring. When judging a Miniature Schnauzer in the conformation ring, keep the fol- lowing in mind: Shape, Size, Coat and Color. Our breed standard calls for a square outline, robust and active, stur- dily built, short deep body, straight back- line, high tailset. Th e standard already described an erect docked tail of a proper length, but a 2012 clarification reads, “A properly presented Miniature Schnau- zer will have a docked tail as described; all others should be severely penalized.” Th e head should be strong and rectan- gular with clean cheeks, ears cropped or

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