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JOHN CONSTANTINE I live just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I work as an IT Manager. I started in Obedience in 1975 and got my first Miniature Schnauzer in 1979. I have been judging since 2003. BETSY DALE I live in Michigan. Outside of dog activities with judging and clubs, I do a lot with my family and friends. I love travel adventures! Years in dogs—forever! I loved dogs, even as a small child. I started breeding and showing with Airedales in the 60s. I started judging in 1984 and now do three Groups and BIS. I have judged in six continents! MARCIA FELD activities. Dogs have always been a part of my life. The only break was college, and the first years of my marriage. My hus- band did not want a dog. Then one day looking at the newspa- per, he commented that, “If we ever have a dog, it will be one of these.” When he returned from work the next day, I had a puppy waiting for him. That was 1978. This bitch’s firsts Cham- pion was titled in 1982. In 1984, Feldmar had the #2 Minia- ture Schnauzer. Both were black and silver. This bitch carried the then unpopular black and silver gene and was the base of my line. Working with the recessive black and silver gene was a puzzle and intriguing “occupation” as I was rearing my two sons. I found, and still find, that learning and comparing breeds is fascinating also. I began my judging experience with attending the Cal-Poly Institute in 91, where luckily Annie Clark and I became good friends. MARGO I live in Libertyville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. My life outside of dogs is now pretty empty. I do help the local Senior Center to provide programs and other

Pennsylvania. I am a retired Practice Manager for a large Orthopedic and Neurosurgery Practice in Wichita Falls. I like to travel and am going on African Safari in the fall of 2015. I retired because I was too busy with ancillary activities to work. It is all good! I started in Miniature Schnauzers in 1974 and partnered with David O. Williams (DOW) to form Dimen- sions Dow Miniature Schnauzers. This partnership finished close to 80 Champions. We are still breeding, with most of the litters being planned and whelped in New York. To re- cap, 40 years breeding and judging since 1998.


I live in the middle of North Carolina but have spent the majority of my life in the Northeast. I showed my first dog as a complete and utter junior novice in (gasp) 1954. I’ve been judging since 1991 and have been judg- ing Terriers since 2003. FRED STEPHENS We live in Portland, Oregon. The dog world after all these years is still our main world. Our memberships in our specialty clubs and all breed clubs leave little time for anything else after taking care of the dogs that we still work with. We got our first Scottie in 1966. Some good people I worked with at that time said show and we have been going at it ever since. About 25 years ago we quit counting after 150 champions. That was also when I finally figured it out that I can’t show and judge too and that is when I signed off on all our dogs and put them in my wife’s name (mind you, I still get my input). And would you believe she is still producing champions to this day? In 1977, a guy by the name of Lynn Brumby gave me my first breed, Scotties. It has been onward and upward ever since. The best part of it is that I really like and enjoy all the breeds that I have. ELLIOTT B. WEISS My home is in Middletown, Delaware. I am retired, go sail- ing when I can, do sculpture and collect artwork. I was an exhibitor for the first time in 1963. After being an apprentice handler, I showed dogs professionally from 1969 until 1993. I judged my first dog show in July of 1994.

KLINGLER I live in a small town in north central Texas, Burkburnett, Texas—pretty differ- ent from my ‘roots’ outside Philadelphia,

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