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“Different markings over the back CAN BE DECEIVING.”

feet. Always check for muscle tone and overall condition. This is a working hound and should be fit. Th e tail should be set moderately high. It has a slight curve and should not be bent over the back. Th e tail (not including brush) should come to just above the level of the head. You will see gay tails and long tails. Th ere should be a su ffi cient amount of brush to protect the tail. Th at does not mean it has to look like a Labrador tail. Th e judge should gently pull the coat away from the back of the tail to confirm there is enough brush to protect the tail. Beagles can be any true hound color. In 30 years, the only Beagles I have seen with inappropriate color are those who have been dyed. Di ff erent markings over the back can be deceiving. Although our standard does not men- tion movement, you will note that the most heavily emphasized portions directly correlate to a well-moving hound that can work all day. Th e best description of Beagle movement comes from longtime breeder, Mandy Bobbitt. Mandy actively hunts and shows. Mandy describes excellent Beagle movement as being long, low and e ffi cient. Watch for good reach and drive with no interference. Beagles should not be racing around the ring. Your first cut should be based on type. From that cut focus on soundness and movement. Balance coupled with form and function will be your guide to good Beagle judging. May your ring be filled with Merry Little Beagles exceeding in breed type, soundness and movement! BIO Kathy Forbes has been breeding and exhibiting Beagles for 30 years under the kennel name Skyline along with her mother,

Judy Forbes, Connie Conger and Nick Peaker. Kathy was the National Beagle Club’s Judges Education Chair for nine years. In 1996, Kathy became licensed to judge Beagles. She is currently licensed to

judge the Hound Group, Best In Show, Junior Showmanship and some sport- ing breeds. Kathy has judged the Beagle National as well as other Beagle specialties in the US, Australia and Denmark.

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