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A 30-YEAR LOVE STORY: my life as a Beagler By Ted Swedalla

T here are certain game changing events during your life that you give little thought to at the time. In 1979, my business partner and I were in the second year of our new wholesale plumbing and heating supply. I had gotten to know one of our customers in particular and it turns out he was also a small game hunter. One cold fall day, he asked me if we had a dog in our family and I told him we did not. “Ted, would you like to add a little female Beagle to your family?” he asked. Little did I know at that time that my life’s course would be changed forever. I did all the wrong things that first-time dog owners do and then some. But despite all my mistakes, “Dawn” opened a door to travel and friendships all over our country and the world. Th e breeding of my first litter opened the door to the world of showing dogs. Good fortune brought me to the kennel

of Richard Reynolds and his Englandale Beagles and Foxhounds. My first litter produced a single bitch pup that was named “Joy”. When she grew up and it was time for her to have a litter, Mr. Reynolds suggested a client of his who also happened to be an American Kennel Club Judge. Mrs. Barbra Danis allowed me to breed “Joy” to her dog, Ch. Englandale Fawnglen Ru ffi anm, otherwise known as “Ru ffi ”. Th is produced my first show- quality Beagle and Mrs. Danis introduced me to the dog show world. It was a love a ff air from the first time I stepped onto a show site. Showing dogs has given me many friends and importantly my wonderful wife, S. Terri Giannetti. Over the many

years since my first dog “Dawn”, many a fine Beagle has entered our lives. Th ese hounds have all been registered with the Beowulf Kennel name and many have had very successful careers in the conformation ring. Th e most important job for these little guys however, is to be a family member which improves the quality of life for all involved. In addition to activities relating to having a show kennel, I’ve been given the job of Supporting Membership Director of the National Beagle Club of America. Th e NBC Supporting Membership consists of those Beaglers who primary focus involves conformation, obedience, agility and tracking. My wife and I have been members of the National Beagle Club since 1985.

“The breeding of my first litter OPENED THE DOOR TO THE WORLD OF SHOWING DOGS.”

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