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“There is an overall improved make up and balance of our hounds and with many a beautiful head piece THAT PUTS A SMILE ON THIS WRITER’S FACE.”

The Beagle Today Over the last 10 years, we have seen a renaissance in the Beagle conformation ring. Th e use of the internet is bringing changes to breeding practices by expanding breeding options and thus expanding the gene pool of the Beagle’s that are now being exhibited. Th e National Beagle Club of America Speciality has taken on an international flavor. We now see Beagles from many BIO Ted Swedalla lives with his wife Terri and their Beowulf Beagles and German Shepherd Dogs in Middle Island, New York. Ted is retired from the wholesale plumbing and heating supply business which he started with his partner in 1977. Th e business is still going strong 35 years later. When Ted is not ringside at a dog show, he can be found in their kennel working with the dogs or in his workshop building furniture and making dog crates. You can learn more about their Beagles at

parts of the world competing at our annual Specialty Show. Th is has resulted in better moving dogs and bitches, both in side gate and coming and going. Th ere is an overall improved make up and balance of our hounds and with many a beautiful head piece that puts a smile on this writer’s face. Th ese advances in quality breed development is due in part to breeders having the opportunity to communicate with each other all over the world. Not

only can we view still photos of dogs but also see their movement and interaction with people through the magic of video. If we want to breed to a sire who lives on the other side of the world, live semen can be shipped to our door in less than 24 hours. We as breeders have the opportunity to paint that perfect picture from a garden of beautiful Beagles from all over the globe!

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