Showsight Presents the Norfolk Terrier

(photos courtesy of Barbara Miller, Donna Cass and Derek Glas)

is moderate and strong. His shoulders should be well laid back with his elbows close to his ribs. His tail is medium docked long enough to give balance in the overall outline and must always be carried erect. Th e forelegs should be straight, short and powerful. Th e front feet are larger and rounder than the rear feet. A Norfolk should have a good driving rear that is well angulated with good bend of stifle and strong muscular thighs. Th e hocks should be low and straight when viewed from the rear. A Norfolk is a double coated dog. His coat should be hard lying close to the body with a definite undercoat. His outer coat should not be soft or wavy. Th e harsh double coat serves as a protection from the weather and is one of the breed char- acteristics. Coat colors are shades of red, wheaten, black and tan and grizzle. No preference should be given to color. When it comes time to move the dogs individually remember that he is a working terrier. A mincing, short gait is not correct. As you watch him as he is going away from you, his legs should follow in the tracks of the front legs. When you watch him coming back to you his front legs should

move straight down from the shoulder. He should have a smooth side gait with good reach and drive on the go around. Judges should never ask that the dogs be spared. Th is isn’t an aggressive breed. Also, these dogs are low to the ground. PLEASE never bend down over the dog. If you must feel the dog’s shoulders once again as you walk down the line ask the exhibitor to put the dog back on the table. Many a good Norfolk has lost his desire to show because of a bad experience. I hope that this helps you understand and enjoy judging the Norfolk Terrier as much as I do. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Louise Leone of Franktown, Colorado has been in the sport of purebred dogs since 1974. Louise has shown Miniature Schnau- zers, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Norwich Terriers, and Border Ter- riers. She is best-known for her owner han- dled multiple Best in Show Norfolk Terriers and multiple Best in Show Border Terrier. Louise has served as Secretary of the Norfolk- Norwich Terrier Club, Norfolk-Norwich Terri er Club Judges Education Chair,

Secretary of the Norfolk Terrier Club, Nor- folk Terrier Club Judges Education Chair- man, wrote the First Comparison of the Nor- folk Terrier and the Norwich Terrier, wrote the fi rst Judges Educational Handbook on the Norfolk Terrier and the Norwich Terrier, worked on the Committee for the Norfolk Terrier Illustrated . Louise is an AKC Judge.

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