Showsight Presents the Norfolk Terrier

“A GOOD NORFOLK COAT IS WEATHER RESISTANT AND IN MOST INSTANCES RED yet black and tan and grizzle are acceptable colors.”

breed’s fi rst champion in 1935 in Eng- land. England recognized the breed as Norwich prick and drop ear in 1932. Gordon Massey of Maryland imported the fi rst drop ear champion in 1936, With- erslack Sport; that same year the AKC rec- ognized the breed in our country. Both the drop and prick were exhib- ited as one breed until January 1979 in our country. Having two breeds stand alone in the ring brought out the quali- ties of each. Th e Norfolk Terrier began to shine as they were no longer in the shad- ow of the prick ear. We learned quickly that the Norfolk required a bit more than tidying as we all got accustomed to using trimming knives; some more skilled at it than others. A glowing coat and one free of dead hair adds to the Norfolk’s health and well being. Stripping out these dead hairs hastens the growth of the new coat. A good Norfolk coat is weather resistant and in most instances red yet black and

tan and grizzle are acceptable colors. Th e coat is harsh, never soft and fl u ff y. Nor- folks are alert and most often responsive to their handlers when in the show ring. Norfolk have never lost the spirit of going to ground and today there are many trials open to the breed for competition. Yearly more Norfolk owners are taking part in this performance activity earning titles in this area of our sport. Agility is anoth- er endeavor the Norfolk and his owner enjoys. Th is breed is the perfect family pet for the city or country. If not being exhib- ited brushing and combing a few times a week are su ffi cient to maintain the coat. Th e Norfolk breed is easily trainable and always willing to learn if the owner puts in the time required to teach the young pup commands. Some in the breed are train- ing their Norfolk for Canine Good Citi- zen whereby owner and Norfolk can go to nursing homes and hospitals to help ease the pain of the elderly or those who are ill.

Th is breed is willing to please its owner and for the most part is non quarrelsome still it is wise to introduce the Norfolk to other dogs in a neutral area. As a family companion they rank high on anyone’s list requiring low maintenance but requiring the attention of family and friends. Fortunately in January 2009 we earned the right to become our own club, the Norfolk Terrier Club serving our mem- bership well. As a young organization we have thrived continuing to have a yearly fun weekend combined with our Match show. We recognize our membership with medallions, club pins, and trophies for the e ff orts they put into making our little breed, the guys at the end of the ter- rier line, outstanding terriers in the fi eld, show ring or as the family companion. We owe our forefathers a great deal of thanks for their fortitude in seeing to it this breed was developed with the skill they brought with them as breeders.

“NORFOLK HAVE NEVER LOST THE SPIRIT OF GOING TO GROUND and today there are many trials open to the breed for competition.”

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