Showsight Presents the Norfolk Terrier

A Survey on the NORFOLK TERRIER With KAren C. WilSon

I live in Slate Mills (Sperryville), VA on a quiet and lovely 80 acres on the “morning side” of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Outside of dogs, my husband (of 56 years) and I love to travel and usually take three foreign trips a year; I love to cook, sew and knit. We began showing dogs in 1965—though we both have had dogs all our lives. I began judging in 1992 with two Terrier breeds. 1. Describe the breed in three words. The Norfolk Terrier is active, alert and hardy (in fit working condition). 2. What are your “must have” traits in this breed? My “must haves” are expressive drop ears, free moving, level topline, slightly longer than tall, hard and wiry coat, with an intelligent and keen expression. 3. Are there any traits in this breed you fear are becoming exaggerated? There is often some over trimming in the show ring. (And of course some un-needed enhancement of color in some areas of the country.) 4. Do you think the dogs you see in this breed are better now than they were when you first started judging? Why or why not? On the whole the breed has improved in the past few years with many key breeders trying to stick to the stan- dard and keep the breed sound. 5. What do you think new judges misunderstand about the breed? New judges may miss the key factors that make the Nor- folk and Norwich different. A good seminar presented

by both breed clubs can help the new judges, and should be mandatory for anyone who will be judging Terriers. There are many breed mentors who are very helpful. 6. And, for a bit of humor: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a dog show? One funny thing that happened (though not in the Terrier ring), on a very hot day all the gentlemen were wearing suits or sport coats. I told the ring steward that she could inform the exhibitors they could, “Take their clothes off.” Well, that was not what I meant to say. I meant to take their coats off. Being himself, Peter Green was at ring side and he took his coat off, and then began to reach for his belt! I then realized what came out of my mouth and I quickly clarified my remark.

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