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The VersaTile NORFOLK TERRIER by larry hoTToT

L ooking for a little, high-pow- ered dog to add to your fam- ily? This little dog was origi- nally bred in the farm lands of Europe as barn dogs to rid the barn of vermin and used on occasion to bolt query on a hunt. Today’s Norfolk Terrier retain many of those original breeding characteristics. Their courage is incred- ible with the natural hunter instincts with a strong drive for prey for small vermin, rats, squirrels, chipmunks and such. Norfolk’s typical temperament is happy, spirited, self-confident and thrive on human contact. The Norfolk Terrier is an active, energetic, fearless, feisty, sociable and charming, all rolled into one, small dog. They are assertive without being aggressive and usually get along with other dogs. However, the Norfolk should not be left home alone around gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, birds and other small family pets as their hunting instincts will “kick in”. The Norfolk Terrier needs daily exer- cise and enjoys walking and jogging. He will take as much exercise as you can give. They also enjoy agility, Earthdog tests, tracking, obedience and the con- formation ring. They should always be on lead or in a fenced area, as they do not know the dangers of the road, often said to not be road smart. They will take off after a squirrel and run right into traffic. The fence must be secure and without openings as they are talented escape artists. They love children and are well-behaved with respectful kids. Many are good with other family pets if introduced as a puppy and allowed to grow together. Most are not yappy, but they will bark if someone knocks on the door, rings the doorbell or is seen walking by. They do make good watchdogs, but once someone is inside your home, the Norfolk Terrier loves everyone! They will bark and/or dig if they are bored, lonely or unexercised. They are trainable but learn slowly and

look forward to reward treats. They are willing to please, but always indepen- dent-minded. They are usually quick to housetrain. They are loyal, devoted and loving and will want to be included in all family life aspects and activities. The Norfolk Terriers love to take rides in vehicles to see different sights, people and locations, which is helpful to sooth the fears of only going in a vehicle for grooming or vet appointments. Norfolk Terriers love to participate in many different events, excelling in all. From conformation, agility, Barn Hunt, obedience, Earthdog (or going to ground), to dock diving and therapy dogs. The following are some of the events that may interest the owner or the dog. Most have a by-product of gain- ing exercise for both the handler as well as the dog, while allowing the Norfolk to be the Terrier they are. In the ConformatIon rIng The sport of showing one’s dog in the show ring dates back decades and continues today. Originally, the own- ers exhibited their own dogs, showing to judges who are trained to know and understand the Breed Standards, for the award of Champion in the breed. For Norfolk Terriers, the most notable was English-American Champion Cracknor Cause Celebre, “Coco”. Handled by Beth Sweigert and Peter Green, Coco went Best in Show at the AKC Invitational in 2003 and 47 other BIS in 2003. The high point in 2003 was Coco winning BIS for all four shows of the Montgomery Weekend which had never been done before. The pièce de résistance was winning Best in Show at Crufts 2005— a great Ambassador for the Norfolk Terrier breed. DoCk DIvIng Dock diving or dock jumping is an activity that surfaced in 1997. The AKC

officially became involved in 2014 with introducing title recognition for dogs competing in the North American Div- ing Dogs events. Dock jumping is a competition in which a dog runs off the dock into a pool or body of water. Known as jumping a wave, the team of dog and handler, are measured by how far the dog jumps into the pool. Jumps begin qualifying at 0.1" to over 30 feet. The sport is open to all breeds and mixed breeds. Events are held indoors and outdoors and in conjunction with AKC All Breed Shows. The lap dog com- petition is for breeds under 16" at the withers; this is where the Norfolk Ter- rier fits in. obeDIenCe Norfolk Terriers remain a rarity in the obedience ring. With the right per- son, the Norfolk Terriers are certainly capable of learning high-precision work. They are attentive and have an overwhelming desire to please. While it is gratifying to receive the high scores and blue ribbons, it is important for the dogs and handlers to have a really good time in the ring. agIlIty Norfolk Terriers do very well in the sport and the sport has a lot to

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