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I began in Whippets in 1963 under the prefix Marial. My husband of over 50 years, Doug, co-owns Marial Whip- pets with me and is also is a member of the American Whippet club and is an Emeritus AKC judge. I served on American Whippet Club Board of Directors, 1972-91, hold- ing various Officer positions—Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President. I was a breed columnist for the AKC Gazette Pure-Bred Dogs magazine 1980-2001; chair of the AWC Judges Education Committee from 1990-2001. I received the AWC Certificate of Achievement in 1989 and the AWC Lifetime Achievement Award (Lifetime Membership) in 2009. BARBARA HENDERSON I live in Laurel, Maryland. I have been in dogs as long as I can remember. I am a practicing Veterinarian and it leaves little time for other activities outside of dogs. I began judging Whippet’s three years ago. I have been an active member of the American Whippet Club for 40 years, on which I served as a board member for 11 years, holding the positions of Vice President and President. At the 2014 National I was honored to be recipient of AWC’s Life Time Achievement Award, am currently President of Whippet Rescue and Placement and actively involved in AKC judge’s education giving breed and structure seminars. IVA KIMMELMAN I have been loving Whippets for more than 50 years. I live in New England with a dog crazy husband of 31 years and 13 Whippets. We own a chain of retail pet supply stores and we enjoy great food, museums and for good health, I cycle in a virtual reality world four times a week. I also compete in lure coursing with my dogs and hope the sport will con- tinue to thrive with new fanciers discovering the charm of this breed. JUDY LOWTHER I live in Cleveland, Ohio. Outside of dogs, I don’t do much. My daughter has her own family now and the grands aren’t interested in doggy pursuits. The dogs keep me sane when the IRS drives me crazy. I’ve been in dogs forever. I started in organized dog events in 1990. I’ve been showing for 26 years and judging for 18 years. I got my first conformation breed (Whippets) in 2007.

We live in Inner Grove Heights, Minnesota where I own a dog grooming business. We have had great success with the ancestors of our first Whippet. Our Whippets compete in the show ring; at lure coursing and racing field trials and most importantly they have also proven themselves as producers. We have had the good fortune of having the top producing Whippet dam in the country for the year 2000. I believe it is important that we give back to the sport we love so I serves as the regional Show Chair for the American Whippet Club North Central Region Specialty. At the All-Breed level I am a Director of the St. Croix Valley Kennel Club and serve as the All-Breed Show Chair. Nationally, I am the Past President of the American Whippet Club and the current AWC Judges Education Coordinator. I have been showing since 1971 and judging Whippets since 1991. HAROLD “RED” TATRO III I live in Crowley, Texas, a suburb on the Fort Worth side of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. My start in competitive purebred dogs began in 1980 with a Doberman Pinscher who I trained in obedience and competed through the Util- ity level. Whippets began after I met my wife Denise around 1986. She also had a Doberman and was one of my competi- tion in Obedience! Although fierce competitors, we became close friends, dated and married in 1988. We participate in conformation, agility, rally, obedience, straight racing and lure coursing. I am currently serving as the President of the Ameri- can Whippet Club. A member of the Lone Star Whippet Club and was the founding President. I belong to the Fort Worth KC where I serve as their AKC Delegate. A longtime member of the US Lakeland Terrier Club currently serving as their JEC and have served on its board as an officer in all the various positions. I am currently approved by the AKC as a conformation judge for Whippets and nine other Sight- hound breeds, the Terrier Group and Junior Showmanship. I’m looking forward to judging the AWC National specialty in 2017. RANDY TINCHER I live in St. Louis with my partner (now husband) of over 30 years, Britt Calhoun. I am a manager for a major luxury fashion retailer and love to travel and garden. I grew up show- ing American Quarter Horses on a national level. Through the horses, I met Fran Friedman who gave me my first Whippet, Rahil Tripletime of WW. “Gia”. This not only hooked me on the breed, but supplied the kennel name. I have bred Whip- pets for 40 years under the Tripletime prefix and have been


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