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enthusiasts. My mother and I bred our first Greyhound litter under the Jet’s prefix in 1975. Our homebred Greyhounds include 42. I have also active- ly imported and shown Whip- pets for many years. I judged my first Whip- pet Club show in Sweden in 1984 and was approved to judge all breeds

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and when I am in town I love working at the groom- ing shop with Julie at the kennel. We also have 8 Salu- kis, and my life is devoted to pure bred dogs, so spending time with them and work- ing with them is just part of my life. I don’t like to be cooped up inside, I love the outdoors. So I enjoy golf- ing, fishing and when I can I like to take my beagles rab- bit hunting. Mainly I love

hearing them run after the rabbits and enjoy watching them have fun. I started in 1954 as a dog bather for Hazel Hamm in Houston, Texas. In 1957 I started exhibiting my own dogs of various breeds. I was first a limited licensed handler, and later an all breed licensed handler, by the American Kennel Club in 1964. I was a Professional handler until I retired from handling in 1988 and was licensed by the American Kennel Club for the Hound group in 1990. I judge in addition to the Hound group, Sporting, Toy and Non-Sporting. I continue to enjoy showing and breeding our Salukis with my partner Julie L Mueller, under the Aurora Kennel prefix. Dogs are my life, all aspects, and I enjoy every part of our sport. KATHLEEN DAVENPORT I live in DeKalb, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. Nowadays, dogs consume most all of my life. I continue to work and manage my grooming busi- ness of 55 years. In my younger days, I played a lot of golf and bowled in several leagues. My mother bought our first Poodle in 1952 and I began showing dogs in point shows in 1958. I think I have owned at least 27 different breeds of dogs since then! In late 1999, I applied to judge Whippets, Dalmatians, Poodles and Juniors—I was approved for all these by early 2000. ESPEN ENGH I live in Lier, outside Oslo, Norway. I am a veterinarian by education, but I have worked mainly within science, spe- cializing in comparative medicine. I was born into a dog- gy family, my mother and grandmother being Greyhound

in 2011. My first US Whippet appointment was the Ameri- can Whippet Club Eastern Specialty in 1989. Since then I have judged another five US Whippet specialties, including the National Specialty in 2004. I have had the privilege to judge dogs in more than 90 countries around the world and Whippets in the majority of those countries. I have judged Whippet specialties in more than a dozen countries, includ- ing six in the UK in addition to three times at the FCI world shows, at Crufts and Westminster. RUSSELL MCFADDEN I live in Espanola, NM. I am a retired Computer Systems Administrator who now works part time as a store clerk in two different jewelry stores and a fine linens store. My hob- bies are making jewelry and writing short stories. My family always had dogs—Boston Terriers, a Poodle and numerous mixed breeds. I got my first purebred dog—a Welsh Terri- er—when I was seven years old (1959). My interest in show- ing started with my first Afghan Hound and my sister’s first Saluki (1971) and my first Whippet (1973). I started showing my Whippet in 1974. I was approved to judge Whippets and Afghans in 1987. I am now approved for the Hound Group, Italian Greyhounds, Best in Show and Juniors (all-breeds). DAVID R. MILLER My name is David R. Miller, aka Jean-David Laplanche. I live in Mentor, Ohio. Outside of dogs, I am the former Depart- ment Chairperson of World Languages for a school system east of Cleveland, Ohio. My real interest in dogs happened in 1972. I started showing back in 1976 and I started judging in 1988, starting with one breed and I have currently over three groups.

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