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BARB KRIEGER I am a retired teacher of elementary school children. Received a master’s degree from the University of Oregon. Also had a one year apprenticeship in field training with Ray Sommers (Ray was instrumental in training Rab Of Morinda, our breeds first field trialing placing pup- py and dog). In 1989, while continuing to teach, I opened my own training facility and was fortunate to be able to train many different breeds for hunting. I retired from teaching a few years back but still enjoy hunting with my dogs. My favorite place to hunt is in Manitoba, with Wyoming being a close second. Most often I feel my favorite place to be is on my property, I love nature and all it has to offer. I have been privileged to see: magnifi- cent deer, otters, a badger, herons, fox, coyotes, eagles and turkeys just to name a few. I live in the country, near West Bend, Wisconsin. I very much enjoy working on my property. I could be found run- ning a chainsaw, pulling weeds or planting grasses, as Moth- er Nature as a way of encroaching on my training fields and ponds. Down time may also be spent outdoors enjoying all the wonderful things Mother Nature has to offer or I love sit- ting down to read a good book. As a child, our family always had mixed breeds, so you might say most of my life. I purchased my first purebred upon graduating from college. My first Flat-Coat was purchased in 1984. I finished my first show champion in 1990. I am new to judging Flat-Coats and have my first judging assignment coming up at our National Specialty in 2019. I have judged Kleiner Munsterlanders for the KLM-GNA.

I live in Connecticut and am employed as a director of market research for a glob- al communications company. I’ve owned purebred dogs for over 40 years, starting with Golden Retrievers. I have owned Flat-Coated Retrievers for just over 30 years, and have exhibited in the breed ring for the last 30 years. I have judged the breed for 15 years.

JUDY GLADSON I live in Maryland and have worked for a division of the US Navy for the last 30+ years managing a large division of engineers and projects. I am hoping to retire in 2019 and spend more time with my dogs, both training, competing and breeding. I grew up with dogs and bought my first pure bred Golden Retrievers out of the newspaper in 1986. I got my first Flat- Coat as a “pet” in 1990, she went on to be a multi group plac- ing CH UD TD SH WCX and FCRSA Hall of Fame. Kelly started everything for me and my family is now my dogs and dear friends made in the dog fancy. I am a fully pointed AKC Retriever Hunt Test judge and have been judging since the 1990s. I am not licensed to judge Flat-coats yet, but I was nominated by the FCRSA to the AKC and have since been invited to apply to judge the breed and am currently in that process. I have judged Flat-Coats and Goldens at supported entries over the years and was invited to judge our Veteran and Puppy Sweepstakes at the FCRSA Specialty in 2019, a huge honor and I am humbled, excited and nervous! I believe that once I am approved to judge the breed, I will be the first Flat-Coat breeder judge that also judg- es AKC hunt tests. This is very special for me as I try to work all my dogs and field work is my true passion. I’ve had many Flat-Coats that are titled at the middle and highest levels in field and also had success in the show ring.

1. Describe the breed in three words. KA: Athletic, versatile and fun-loving. JG: Interminably happy, elegant and intelligent. CK: Lively Peter Pan. BK: Energetic, resourceful and merry.

2. What are your “must have” traits in this breed? KA: Five things: Proper head type, breed silhouette, move- ment, coat and temperament. JG: Classic Flat-Coat character and stable temperament, an elegant moving silhouette that is neither racy nor clunky and the classic one-piece head. These “musts” are what highlights the difference between the Retriever breeds. CK: Silhouette and side movement and the ability to retrieve. BK: In no particular order: superb temperament, biddable, at least moderately courageous and self- confident, resilient, stable, show breed type, pedigree must have good health and longevity.


I live in Barrington, Illinois and I am a retired director of information technology. I don’t do much outside of dogs any- more; got my first dog to show in obedience in 1983. Show- ing? Judging? I don’t judge.


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