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oriented dog. My husband belonged to a local gun club and we discovered the Flat Coated Retriever. I began showing and breeding Flat Coats by the 90’s. I started judging the breed in 2011 as one of only a hand full of breeder judges of this breed, and one of the youngest. CONNIE HOWARD

I live in Connecticut and am employed as a Director of Market Research for a global communications company. I’ve owned purebred dogs for over 40 years, starting with Golden Retrievers. I have owned Flat-Coated Retrievers for just over 30 years, and have exhibited in the breed ring for the last 30 years. I have judged the breed for 15 years. I am cur- rently approved by the AKC

to judge 21 Sporting breeds including all Retrievers, Setters several Spaniel breeds, Brittanys and Vizslas as well as Junior Showmanship competition.


My Name is Marla J. Doheny and I live in Madison, CT. I currently work editing medical works and I do some writing. I also have a brand new stud/bitch management and whelp- ing business working closely with local veterinarians. In other words, I help breeders, all breeds, get their bitches to whelp. For a hobby, I am an art and antique picker (yes, I have found a Picasso, only an etching, but a Picasso just the same). My first dog was a German Shorthaired Pointer purchased by my beloved father at the age of 6. I was a kennel helper to a neighbor who owned working dogs and moved on to training and owning German Shepherds in the 80s. By the late 80s I had a young family and needed to move on to a more family

I just moved from Orange County, NC to Raleigh, NC. I like to grow orchids, roses and iris; I love music (classical and New Age), water aerobics and traveling. My first puppy was a Black Lab in 1965 and then a FCR in 1972. Started show- ing in about 1972, started judging in 1988. Judged the FCRSA Sweeps that year. I have been showing Dogs since the early 70s first Labs then FC. Did conformation and Obedience, then some field events. Became a AKC judge in 1988, now have one group Sporting, Jr Show, Herding breed, Jrs and BIS. I have judged all over the US, Hawaii and Canada.

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