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!"#"$%&'"()&*&+,(,$&-.&(/!.*0 !"##$%&'($")%&*+,-"./)+ ! eneath the beautiful white coat, is a well built, vigorous dog, with charming clown like traits. Th e Coton de Tulear A Coton will delight you with their abil- ity to participate in a multitude of activities, such as conformation, therapy, agility, obe- dience, and doggie dancing to name a few. Minimal shedding and no dander, makes the Coton a good choice for people with allergies; however, it is not a panacea for all! Some Cotons have a distinctive vocal- ization. It actually sounds like they’re try- ing to talk to you and they smile. You’ll quickly recognize that flash of teeth when they give you an adorable grin. Dancing on their hind legs is a favorite pastime. It’s a natural instinct of this breed that can be further trained as a doggie dancing partner. Cotons de Tulear are contented to be your lap dog, to go for a walk around the neighborhood or join you on a hike through the forest. Th ey’re perfect com- pany for a relaxing day at the beach or an outing on a boat. Th e Coton de Tulear easily adapts to all ways of life. !"#$%&''(#)*+%',* !"#$%&'()*+,%(&$%&$,"%-$+),%./#$%-$+00)(1#2$34$,"#$5&%,#2$6,+,#-$('$7*#)%.+$8(,(&$2#$!9/#+)$8/93:$7;8:$<+)#&,$=)##2$8/93> has a witty and enchanting personality. Th eir extraordinary intelligence, versa- tility and spirit will never cease to amaze you! As a family member, a Coton is a dream come true! Th ey’re active, happy and loyal!

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