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SHARING YOUR LIFE WITH A BELGIAN SHEEPDOG By Lisa Leffingwell Liswyn Belgians F irst, Belgian Sheepdogs are uncannily smart! And puppies are always busy and thinking. It is impor- tant for the person want- ing to bring a Belgian into

their home to realize that attention and perseverance are key to molding their pup- py or young adult into the valued family member. However, time passes quickly and Belgians pick up training very easily and soon you will have the hard work behind you. Belgians are generally both very active and sedentary. Th ey like to be with their owners and will stay close at hand. If you are in the house, that is where the dog pre- fers to be. If you want to lead an active life- style, the Belgian has the energy to keep up and go along with you. Th ey easily bore so keeping the young ones entertained, busy and active is a must! Puppies are also easily assisted with their training when an older dog is present. Th ey observe and pick up the good behaviors of the older dog and this makes the training process easier for the owner. Also, Belgians are a social breed —they like the companionship of another dog and this also helps keep a young one entertained. Th ey tend to prefer dogs in their own breed and can be a little snob- by towards other breeds. However, they generally do well when raised with other dogs, cats and children. Th ey are naturally protective of their family, always alert and observant, without specific training in this field. Th eir appearance alone makes a stranger take notice.

“...the Belgian has the energy TO KEEP UP AND GO ALONG WITH YOU.”


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