Showsight April 2023


The focus would be the NYPD Transit Bureau Canine Unit and the MTA Police Canine Unit. These are the units that keep mass transit safe, and thus, keep the nation safe. For the most part, these dogs are trained in detec- tion, not protection. Their greatest asset is their nose, not their teeth. Margaret has been photographing these units for five years. She has developed relationships with the officers she regularly sees around the city, and so, she asked several officers to write something for this project. Dogs Outside The Ring has been fortunate to have received amazing con- tributions about the history of the units, the training they undergo, and the lives the officers lead with their K9 part- ners by their sides. When we shared a pre-publication proof with one of the contributors, his dad responded with the following note: “Thank you so much for your kind words about Paul. He is like many of our brave NYPD K9 officers and their part- ners, a part of what makes our city safe. But, it’s people like you who bring these proud officers and their canine partners to the front of the public eye. You are just as important, if not more, to their service than you may fathom. And as a parent, we pray for the best outcome for their daily tours. Seeing your photographs over the years of our brave men and women of the NYPC TB gives me pause to appreciate how your photographs bring their heroism to light. This publication will recognize what is beautiful about those who serve our canine units and our citizens. And you should be proud to be the author, photographically, of what that service looks like. God bless you, Margaret!” These beautiful words are truly why we create. Dogs Outside The Ring brings to life the old cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Looking to the future, we are working on an issue featuring canine couture, and another dedicated to the native breeds of Italy. We’ve been invited to cover earthdogs, dock diving, and police certification trials. As I write this, Margaret is in Birmingham for Crufts and I am packing for my return to the Kentuckiana Cluster. Margaret and I are looking forward to a new expe- rience at Westminster, and we hope to see you there!


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